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  • The Nigeria's Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP) for 2017-2020

    A negative growth of -1.5 percent in GDP was recorded in 2016. In recognition of the deep weaknesses of the Nigeria's economy and the potential for further weakening, the Federal Government has developed an Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP) for the period 2017–2020.Read More »

  • VIDEO: 2017 Google Marketing Next keynote

    Watch the Google Marketing Next keynote and be among the first to learn about the latest marketing innovations from Google. The livestream of the keynote is on Tuesday, May 23rd at 9:00am PT/12:00pm ET.Read More »

  • 3 Proven Ways to Write Your Way to Six-Figure Income in a Month

    Do you know you can write your way to a six-figure income in a month? How about this? Do you know what to do? If ideal monetization of your talent were to be a goal, collections of fictions ‘might’ not be the best decision in a Nigerian society.Read More »

  • A Week Long Action Challenge to Protect Our Environment

    This year for Earth Day, Global Citizen wants to challenge you to take an action a day for a week straight to protect our environment. The challenge is simple. Starting April 22, 2017, you will receive an email a day with an action of the day for seven days. Once you complete the challenge, you will have been a part of protecting the environment for generations to come.Read More »

  • Facebook launches Camera, Stories and Direct

    Facebook Camera in the news

    On March 28, 2017, Facebook announced that it has globally launched a major update to its mobile app. The update includes three new ways to share videos and photos. In summary, the essence of Facebook camera, stories and direct is to let your camera do the talking.Read More »


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