Famous People with Architect Brain Type

In Neuroscience and psychology, research reveals that there are four main brain types. These are Architects (or referred to as Builders), Alchemists, Oracles, and Explorers. However today, the focus of this article on one of the brain types.

What Makes an Architect Brain Type?

People with an Architect Brain types are known to thrive with stability, impact, loyalty, and excellence. Their superpowers vary from consistency to specialist. Even though they excel well on their strengths, they suck on their potential weaknesses.

What an Architect Brain Type Needs to Thrive

1. Stability

People with an architect brain type need to find ways to make their work and income more predictable if they want to thrive. This can be done by looking at what other people in their industry or similar industries are doing.

2. Impact

People with this brain type needs to sit down on a regular basis to make sure what they are working on is moving them toward what they really want.

3. Loyalty

Architects feel the need to do almost anything for their partner, kids, parents, community etc. To thrive at this, they need to figure out who it is that they feel a deep sense of loyalty to and use that to challenge themself when they are feeling stuck or afraid of taking the next big steps

4. Excellence

Architects have a higher standard for their work than most people. They find it VERY fulfilling when they produce excellent results - to them, 'best result' is okay but not enough. To thrive, it is important that they keep getting this feeling of satisfaction with their work. This can be achieved by taking on projects that they are an excellent fit for or find ways to have more time and energy to put into the things they like.

The Superpowers of People with Architect Brain Type

Consistent, loyal, and stable. Tend to stick with things longer than anyone else.

Good with systems, including ones made up of people. Tend to understand authority and hierarchy well.

Great with details.

Capable of seeing all the necessary practical steps needed to make something happen.

Tend to be well suited to become specialists in their chosen field or passion.

The Potential Weaknesses of People with Architect Brain Type

Struggles when they don’t know what to expect.

Trouble handling entirely new situations as they rely on past experience to make decisions.

Trouble with vague ideas/instructions.

Can be highly perfectionistic.

Can get stuck in a rut once things are all perfect and polished.

Can get into the details and forget what they’re doing it all for.

How People with Architect Brain Type Make Decisions

They make decisions by betting on their strengths/superpowers. However, in situations that they have never encountered before, they choose to give themselves time to think about things, especially when they are being asked to give an input or feedback.

Some Ideas on How they Plan their work

1. Ritual is key: they intentionally give themselves balanced structure - a consistent schedule on what to do day-by-day.

2. Prioritizing is important: they tend to obsess over all the work they have to do. So, they make sure they go through their work first so they can really have fun or relax afterward without a constant reminder of what they still have to do.

3. Breaks are required: they tend to take at least 30 minutes breaks in between long hours of tasks. They also tend to take good care of themselves so they can function at the top of their game.

4. Goals are timely: they tend to pick one or two goals to focus on each month and they reflect on their progress on a weekly basis. They also look back on the past weeks to keep a track of what they have accomplished.

5. Completion is the focus: even though they tend to be regarded as 'perfectionist', their focus is not on perfection but first on completion - then tweak or improve later.

Ideal Environment for People with an Architech Brain Type

They keep things simple and clean. Clutter in their environment will translate into clutter in their mind. Wherever they do their work, even if it’s a space in their house, they set aside this space for work only.

Famous People with Architect Brain Type

Some of the famous people are Sigmund Freud, Rosa Parks, George Washington, Martha Stewart, Dr. Phil, Henry Ford, Sam Walton, Elton John, Michelle Obama, Mother Teresa, Marlin (in Finding Nemo) and Cogsworth (in Beauty and the Beast).


The details of this article is based on a Brain Type test conducted in order to discover more about me.

Is the architect brain type similar to yours? If yes, I and the other readers of this article would be glad to read your perspective. You could add what you think is missing by using the comment section further below

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