Author: Adesoji Adegbulu

Facebook to Favour User Generated Contents. Here’s What to Do!

Facebook’s new algorithm change will favour user generated contents over publishers. This means the algorithm will rank posts (contents) by real people (your family and friends) over those from publishers and brands. This is bad news for content publishers and brands because they’ll need to do more to get their posts seen by Facebook users. However, for the sake of authenticity and thought leadership, I think this is good news! What do you think? Continue reading

Successful Strategies for Promoting Products as an Affiliate

To be successful (earn a lot of money) with affiliate marketing, you need to know and do the successful strategies for promoting products as an affiliate. The strategies need to be implemented by you either you promote other people’s (or a company’s) product or service for a percentage commission on each sale. These successful strategies are what successful affiliate marketers use. And, there’s nothing stopping you from knowing and using them as well.

As you may have known already, first, you need to find a product/service you like, use it, promote it to others via your platforms, and then earn a commission for each sale that you make. However, between finding a product/service to promote and earning commissions, the strategies you’ll find in this post are what you should do to make much more commissions. Continue reading

The Affiliate Marketing Guide You Should Read and Earn with

I can’t overstate that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online as a website owner or blogger. However, some people still don’t get how affiliate marketing works. Here’s why I am putting up this affiliate marketing guide. In it, I will try to summarise what needs to be known and done about affiliate marketing. Please note, this affiliate marketing guide is a guide you need to spend time on and make the best out of. Continue reading

Make Money Online by Becoming a Subject Matter Expert

A subject matter expert (SME), or a thought leader, provides knowledge and expertise in a given subject area. As a subject matter expert, your job might be to ensure that the content on a particular subject is completely accurate. An SME typically comes from academic, technical and vocational fields, but with no specific degree is required. Which means, a subject matter expert, what is required is your expertise in a field. And to make money, you need to be able to create business opportunities from what people really need in the field you are an expert in. Continue reading

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