Customer Journey

How to Improve the Customer Journey

How do marketers improve a customer journey? A case study of Hyundai. With online visits and...
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circular business models

Transitioning to Circular Business Models

Circular business models are concepts built on Circular Economy which advocates keeping products, components, and materials...
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Creating Shared Value

2018 Nestle and Ashoka’s Creating Shared Value Challenge

As the world’s population continues to expand, there is a dire need for creating shared value...
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Pitching the Problem

Social Innovation: Pitching the Problem

Every social innovation exists to address a social problem. Therefore, pitching the problem is very important...
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hurricane irma earth view

Florida & Puerto Rico: How to Prepare for Hurricane Irma

According to NBC News, Hurricane Irma strengthened as it churned toward the Caribbean amid storm warnings,...
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most important x-factor as an entrepreneur

Your Most Important “X-Factor” as an Entrepreneur

People think that if they start a business, that instantly makes them an entrepreneur. But there...
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Get Latest Music News and Events from Amazon Alexa

With Amazon’s Alexa popular “Flash Briefing” skill, you can now get to know what’s happening in...
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Doing What Favours You!

Hi, It’s your life! Doing what favours you does not make you selfish, self-centered or proud....
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she decides

She Decides

On July 12, 2017, the She Decides manifesto was launched to the world. In the wake...
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People’s opinions about you aren’t the final. Not even the opinions you have about yourself. You...
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no pain no power

No Pain, No Power

Without pain, there’s no need for power. Sometimes it takes a good fall to really know...
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live deep


Live Deep! You’re more than meet your eyes. Make a resolve to live a deep life....
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New Marketing Tools by Google, Facebook and Amazon Useful for Brands

Google, Facebook, and Amazon introduced new marketing tools and consumer-facing features that have some real potential...
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30 day music challenge

My 30 Day Music Challenge

I decided to participate in the 30 Day music challenge after I saw a tweet about...
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facebook survival kit

The Facebook Survival Kit

The Facebook Survival Kit shows you 75 tips, tricks, tools, resources, and hacks for your businesses...
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company culture

7 Steps to Change a Company Culture

Learn how to successfully change and improve a company culture. When you do improve your company...
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