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Currently Trending Global Searches Year over Year

trending global searches

Every day, people are searching for something. Most of these people use the #1 search engine ( to conduct their searches either via their PC or mobile devices connected to the internet. Although, what people search for is really diverse but one thing in common is that the searches for a particular search term increase or decrease over time.

According to Google Ads best practices, at the time of posting this, people are seeking advice and inspiration as they prepare for what is next. Based on this, here are the top global searches that are currently trending year over year. “Year over year” refers to January 26, 2021 – March 26, 2021 vs January 26, 2020 – March 26, 2020.

Looking your Best

  • “simple hair style men” with +500% increase
  • “hair style over 50” with +400% increase
  • “short natural haircuts for” with +200% increase

Ready to Spend

  • “buy today” with +70% increase
  • “how to invest” with +70% increase
  • “app send and receive money” with +40% increase

App Interest

  • “online shopping app download” with +300% increase
  • “trading apps” with +200% increase
  • “free dating apps without payment” with +100% increase

Out and About

  • “places to visit near” with +200% increase
  • “getaways near me” with +100% increase
  • “international flights” with +60% increase

What do these mean?

For advertisers, marketers, information publishers, trend watchers, etc, these top global searches could mean various things, depending on what they individually use the latest search trends for.

Generally speaking, these could mean that those who have positioned themselves as part of the top search results via, would have experienced an increase in traffic influx. These could lead to more sales or usage of the products or services.