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Social Innovation: Pitching the Solution

pitching the solution

Pitching the solution is what comes next after you’ve framed the problem. You need to define your solution to show how your social innovation is designed to addresses the social problem.

Consider doing the following to give a clear, compelling model of your solution:

1. Provide proof that it works.

Has your solution been validated? Has your solution already had a positive impact on the problem? You can give clear examples to make an evidence-based proof.

2. Explain which stage your innovation is on the innovation growth curve.

If your innovation is in the “idea stage,” then there’s no real impact to speak
of yet. However, you can explain the projected impact of your idea. If it’s in the “growth stage”, explain the real impact your solution has achieved.

3. What makes your solution different?

Show how your solution is unique, fresh, or groundbreaking! When compared with alternatives, show how your solution is tackling the problem in a new or improved way.

4. Illustrate step-by-step how your solution produces the intended social impact. This is crucial to understanding how your solution works!

5. Highlight how your solution works within its applied context.

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