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Redefining the Role of Business and Sport in Combating Climate Change

redefining the role of business and sports

Can you imagine a world where combating climate change is an exciting and inspiring opportunity, an opportunity to harness the power of the best, to raise the bar, to overcome hurdles and to redefine the role of business and sport in society?

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing our society, already affecting natural environments and people around the world. In 2017, global CO2 emissions have risen again, after being flat for 3 years. Hence, global greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 are likely to be at the high end of the range projected by scientists under the 2°C and 1.5°C temperature scenarios, making it increasingly difficult to be on track to meet the global 2030 emission goals.

Climate Action is delighted to invite you to join the free online webinar on Redefining the Role of Business and Sport: How business and sport can join forces to accelerate low-carbon technologies across different sectors? Taking place on 21st March, 3pm-4pm GMT, the webinar gathers world-leading experts from Sport, Sustainability, and Science to discuss new partnerships that drive climate action and highlights the role sport can play to engage stakeholders in collaborations.


redefining the role of business and sport for combating climate change
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Discussion points include:

• How can Sports organizations make climate action a key focus in their sustainability and legacy strategies?
• How is the International Olympic Committee controlling direct impacts and influence and leading the Olympic Movement on climate action?
• How can Sports brands increase engagement and collaboration across value chains?
• If solutions for de-carbonization exist, why have they not been widely implemented? What are successful examples where this has worked and learnings derived
• How can we expect voluntary standards to evolve in preparation for a post-Paris world?


Combating Climate Change

The webinar is a prelude to the 3rd Sustainable Innovation in Sport Forum taking place 2nd & 3rd May at the Amsterdam Arena, Netherlands. The Forum already has confirmed attendees and speakers from FIFA, the IOC, UEFA, GEO Foundation, Land Rover BAR, Aviva Stadium, PCSG – Earth to Ocean, Wimbledon, Formula E, Arsenal F.C, the IAAF, Philadelphia Eagles and many more.

Who should attend:

– Sport event organizers that want to learn about how to create an impactful climate strategy
– Government or city representatives that are creating policy measures to reduce emissions
– Architecture, design and construction firms interested in implementing low carbon practices
– Manufacturing businesses interested to produce products for the infrastructure and packaging value chains
– Retailers wanting to eliminate waste in their own operations
– Carbon experts and consultants
– NGOs
And anyone who is interested to find out more about how to advance the adoption of lower-carbon solutions!

Why attend

– Understand the key principles of integrating climate action into a sustainability strategy.
– Hear best practice and lessons learned from global industry experts actively working on mitigation projects globally.
– Understand what is holding back the wide adoption of low-carbon solutions in different sectors and what the perceived risks are.
– Be inspired by sport on how Sport and business can collaborate to take action and create a positive climate legacy.
– Get your questions answered live!


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