• Augmented Reality Ads

    Augmented reality ads is coming to Facebook. This is because Facebook wants to give advertisers a new way of showing off their products. This was announced at the F8 developer conference held earlier this year. Facebook announced that it was working on using augmented reality (AR) to show off advertisers' products in Facebook Messenger.Read More »

  • Amazon Web Services: Innovate Online Conference 2018

    If you are an IT executive or a professional, you are invited to join the free Amazon Web Services (AWS) Innovate Online Conference coming up on 19 July 2018. This free online conference is designed for the purpose of connecting, collaborating and learning how to build on AWS.Read More »

  • Great, the Enemy of Legacy

    Great, the enemy of Legacy is based on a lesson from Apple Inc, the most valuable technology company on this planet. Apple Inc is valued at 923 Billion USD as of May 2018. It's the most valuable company because of many things, one of which is their culture of innovation. The story below gives a clearer picture.Read More »

  • Google Podcasts

    Google Podcasts has arrived! This is good news for podcasters around the world who uses Android phones. In addition, the revenues for the podcasts industry are up 86% from the last year 2017. However, podcasts represent less than 2% of radio ad spend in the U.S. And with the increasing trends of podcasting, this is a good development from Google. Hopefully, Google’s investment in the ecosystem will expand the pie and ultimately help podcast creators find an audience.Read More »

  • AI Powered Google News: An Additional Source of Traffic and Content Distribution

    There are many platforms you can use as an additional source of traffic and content distribution for your site. One of such efficient platform is the newly revamped Google News Publisher Center. If you have a site or blog, you are already a publisher and Google News is open for you. By submitting your site, people can find your content based on what they have read before and how similar your content is to the ones they like.Read More »


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