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Everyone has a personality, but not everyone knows what their personality is. For me, I get to know my personality via the things I do and sometimes by taking personality tests. I do these in order to be self-aware. According to Wikipedia, personality has to do with individual differences among people in behaviour patterns, cognition and emotion. I’m writing this publicly so you can get to know me better. This is because I realise that sometimes it is difficult for the people I meet online to know my personality. I’m hoping you’ll read this, accept me for who I am and contact me for projects we could do together successfully.


Competitive Spirit
: I am not scared of rivalry, but I prefer to cooperate rather than compete with others.
Work Ethic: I am not necessarily motivated by periods of intense activity, but I prefer to work really hard at a moderate pace.
Ambition: I prioritise my career and aspire to make professional progress.
Determination: I am able to stay on track and power on to meet my objectives while adapting to any difficulties encountered.

Respect for authority: I like to maintain a certain independence, but I can follow the instructions of my supervisor(s).
Patience: I like to swiftly obtain concrete result. However, I am able to be patient and look ahead to the future.
Responsiveness: I like to analyse situations and give myself the time to make a decision. I sometimes exhibit spontaneity.
Stress management: I am able to manage my stress even if I avoid exposing myself to pressures.

Autonomy: I don’t like working without clear guidelines and instructions. I like sharing my achievements and not taking all the glory to myself.
Creativity: I like to be innovative and find solutions. I am not very conventional. I like to propose original and innovative solutions.
Independent mind: I have my own independent opinions but still sensitive to the criticisms of those I look up to.
Self-confidence: I am able to trust my judgement and overcome my doubts when I am not certain about succeeding.

Vision: I am able to focus on details and address situations objectively to be more efficient.
Organization: I like to plan and methodically organize my time. I always want to have total control over my timetable. I manage my time to meet my targets.
Taking Responsibility: I naturally seek responsibilities (work/projects) but I find it difficult to commit to a project which I don’t feel a part of.
Leading: I feel comfortable leading others and I also give room for those I lead to contribute their ideas and opinions.

Persuasion: I do not necessarily want to impose my opinions and persuade others, but I can successfully get my ideas across to others.
Diplomacy: I favour direct method of communication. I am sometimes sensitive to my audience. I become more diplomatic in situations of conflict.
Opening up to others: My attention is selective. I am open to others but do not systematically pay attention to everyone.
Ease in public: I can be reserved, but that does not prevent me from expressing my opinion in public or to new people.

Need for social contribution: I am interested with the prospects of relating a humanitarian cause of a social aim to my assignments.
Need to belong: I like to belong to groups or networks, but they are not a major concern.
Need for relation: I am motivated by teamwork and relations with others are very important.
Need for variety: I am able to tackle different types of assignments, even if I don’t mind repetition.

Social Recognition: I am not particularly motivated by my social status or merits.
Pay: I like to receive a high income even though money is not my main objective.
Security: I am not particularly motivated by the idea of known because I enjoy the unknown.
Private/Profesional life: I prioritize my professional activities, my hobbies are also important but less than my career.

Now that you have been able to know more about my personality, do you have anything to say to me? You can use the comment box right below to do that.

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