Planning and Organizing

Although, not everything goes according to plan but having a plan serves as a guide for your daily endeavors. It is therefore important to be able to plan and organize your day every day.

Planning and organizing involve scheduling activities, resources, etc so as to achieve an objective. The objective is the end-goal, planning and organizing is how you reach the end-goal.

People with this ability are capable of properly estimating what is required in order to implement a plan. They are able to draw up plans and budgets accurately.

“Planning and Organizing” as a Competency

People with a high level of this ability will make plans that can also genuinely be implemented. They are capable of thinking ahead properly and deploy themselves, other people, and resources effectively. However, they sometimes struggle if something unexpected interrupts the plan.

People with a low level will find it difficult to see what needs to be done in order to achieve an objective. They usually estimate incorrectly how long a task will take, who is best placed to do it, and what it will cost.

A high level of this competency is useful when people’s efforts and resources have to be coordinated in order to achieve set objectives. For example, congress, event organizers (or organizers in general), or traffic controllers are required to be good at planning and organizing.

How Can you Develop this Competency?

There are many ways to go about this. However, here are six tips you can start with right now.

  • devote a chunk of your day to thinking ahead and discussing plans with others involved.
  • be aware of objectives and measure your actions in line with them.
  • keep in mind that not everything goes according to plan and then plan for the setbacks and critical moments.
  • be sure that agreements between those involved are clear and understandable.
  • keep an eye on how the implementation is going.
  • evaluate your plan retrospectively and learn from it.

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