Persevering: Prolonged Hard Effort

One of the things I know about champions is that they are great at persevering. They know how to keep going even if setbacks occur. They don’t deny the fact that there are setbacks but they find a way to turn such setbacks into setups.

However, not only the recognized champions know how to persevere. Many other unrecognized champions do this on the daily. They persevere in the face of setbacks. People with this ability are capable of performing tasks that require prolonged hard effort.

“Persevering” as a Competency

People with a high level of this ability will keep going even if setbacks occur or if things are more difficult or are taking longer than anticipated. However, these people sometimes keep persevering when faced with a goal that is no longer achievable. This makes them become seriously disappointed.

People with a low level tend to give up if setbacks occur or results are not forthcoming. They are easily discouraged by other people’s skepticism or by obstacles.

A high level of this competency is useful when it is essential to overcome setbacks or when it takes a long time to get results. For example, professional cyclists, marathon runners, social workers, etc should be good at persevering.

How Can you Develop this Competency?

There are many ways to go about this. However, here are three tips you can start with right now.

  • do things that you are genuinely motivated to do. This makes persevering much easier.
  • avoid people who are discouraging and seek out people who are encouraging.
  • keep the end goal and its achievement in sight.

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