3 Things that Helps in Selling Yourself Completely

There is this saying, “Sell or be Sold”. The truth is, in life you need to keep selling yourself if you want to make meaning. ‘Sell’ in this context does not mean that you should receive an exchange of money for selling yourself to someone. However, it means when people, clients or customers think of having something, where their mind goes is towards you. This is because you have sold yourself to them. You have created a value for yourself in their minds

For example, big names like Google, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and the likes have completely sold themselves to the world. When you think of having something that relates to what they offer, your mind suggests to you the names. And you end up getting what you want through them. This same instance works for just anyone. You too can sell yourself to the extent that what you have done will keep speaking for you while you are quiet.

Now, you may say that the above mentioned drives themselves into people’s mind because of the adverts they do constantly. Yes, true, but advertising does not last long. By that I mean, adverts can get you noticed by populace, but it is selling that counts. I’m sure you would have come across some adverts that ends up getting no response. In this wise, it is not wrong to say that selling yourself to people is the first thing anyone, any business and any nation should get involved in.

So I’m asking you, Are you selling yourself? If not, please find out below three things that would sell you out completely to whoever comes your way.

1. Your Passion

What’s your passion? What’s your reason for living? Why are you doing what you you are doing? The truth is, it is a complete waste of time and life if you keep doing what is not associated with your passion. Passion means a strong desire to achieve something(s) that would bring about good for yourself and to some people. If you don’t have passion, you must find one. And if you have passion, it’s time to step yourself up and work hard on your passion.

No matter what you do, let your passion speak. Stand up for something or you will fall for just anything. And falling for just anything shows that you lack focus and a sense of direction. Passion gives focus. It gives a sense of direction. Let people know you for something. Always work at your passion and continually work to fulfill your passion day in, day out.

I can’t fully explain to you all about passion in one article/post. So I need you to make use of the internet to search for more information about passion. You should also invest your time and money to learn more about passion and how you can sharpen and fulfill yours.

2. Your Expertise

You wonder why experts easily get recommended by people? This is because they have successfully sold themselves out to people. This makes it easy for people to recommend them. If I ask people in the area of personal finances that do they know any person that can help me with my financial intelligence. I am very sure they would recommend an expert. This is because the expert has a passion for educating people on financial intelligence. And in addition, he has successfully built himself as an expert in financial intelligence education.

You too can achieve this. This world is so large that anyone can become an expert in whatever good thing they are involved in. You don’t have to compete with anybody except yourself. If you have discovered your passion, then you need to work yourself up till you become an expert. Please note, you can’t become an expert in a day, a week, a month or a year. You need steady and continuous improvement every day.

Again, I can’t fully explain to you all about expertise in one article/post. So I need you to make use of the internet to search for more information about expertise. You should also invest your time and money to learn how you can become an expert in line with your passion.

3. Your Story
People love stories. They want something they can identify with. And the best place to give this to them is when they listen or read your story. Story captivates. Stories gives people the opportunity to connect the dots. And at this point, you need to start telling people your stories. It would sell you out completely. Please note, the best time to tell your story is when you are working solely in your passion and when people are already considering you as an expert. If you tell your stories before this, you are simply giving people reasons to look for someone else.

Share your story. Share your testimony. Doing this will help you to keep selling yourself to more people. If you take a look at the people who have become an expert, you will find out that they get lots of attention and response when they tell people their story. What this does is that it gives people the opportunity to learn more and be inspired. It also gives people the opportunity to know your uniqueness.

At this moment, it is required of you to keep working on your passion, building your skills and expertise and telling your story to as many people as you can. Let passion be your driven force. You can sell yourself to people and the nation. Go ahead and continually sell yourself. I have passion and I am still working on increasing my level of passion. This I do day in, day out. I am also working to become an expert at helping people and businesses succeed. You will read/hear my story. What about you?



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