Am I Enjoying What I Do?


Few days ago, I asked a question which is, "Am I Committed to Personal Growth?". Please, do check it out. That is the first question in these series of questions of your purpose I will be asking. I'll also be looking forward to your feedback on it. The next "purpose question" is about what you do. Do you enjoy what you do? Ask yourself, Am I really enjoying what I do? I wouldn't want you to jump right into an answer. That's because the answer you give very fast to this is from a defensive part of human nature. Take a moment to think on this question. Look indepth into what you do and give an honest answer.

You see, you'll never fulfill your purpose or your destiny doing something you don't enjoy. Passion lies at the core of true success and fulfillment. You can't be passionate about doing what you don't enjoy. Even if doing it provides your daily meal. You don't have to keep doing what you don't enjoy simply because it provides your daily meal. Life requires you to sometimes go hungry in order to find what you enjoy doing and do them. If you don't sacrifice what you don't enjoy and the meal it provides, you may never find what you enjoy doing and may never be a provider of meals for other people. You are not just a consumer, you are made a provider.

Don't lose your passion by doing what you don't enjoy. You need your passion to fulfill your purpose. You need it to fulfill your destiny. Passion is the spark for your fuse. It energizes you when others around you grow tired of pursuing their purpose. Passion helps you come up with answers when others cease to have creative ideas. Passion gives you courage to take risks into the unknown when others crave for security in their present situation.

Keep pursuing excellence. That's what life expects from you. Don't jeopardize your integrity. You need integrity to live on the best side of life. Live your life by doing what you enjoy and enjoying what you do. You have one life to live here on earth. Don't be tempted to take shortcuts and compromise by settling for less than God intended for you. God made you with the best material so as to live on the best side of life. That means, you don't have to keep doing what you don't enjoy. You can have what you enjoying doing and you can do them in order to fulfill your purpose and destiny.


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