Am I Willing to Serve Others?

In addition to the two questions of purpose already asked, you need to constantly ask yourself, “Am I willing to serve others”? To fulfill your purpose here on earth and to live on the best side of life, you need to constantly ask yourself positive questions. No one can make your life better than what you do to make your own life better. The first question is “Am I Committed to Personal Growth?” and the second question is “Am I Enjoying What I Do?“. You should read them if you haven’t.

serve othersMy question to you today is, are you willing to serve others? You say you want to be a leader right? I ask you, why do you want to be a leader? See, your leadership is tied to how well you serve others and the number of people you are serving. “Serve” here is from the word “Servant”. Are you willing to be a servant? I know the word servant may mean pain, suffering, dejection and uselessness to you but that is the price to pay for your leadership. True leadership is in leading by example. And you show such examples through service.

Until you answer the question “Am I Willing to Serve Others?” with the right motives, God won’t promote you to the position of a leader. Sometimes, we just want to be in control. Other times, we don’t want to pay the price for success of our purpose and dreams. We just want the perks that comes with leadership – higher salary, respected title, admiration of others etc. Jesus, the Christ said, “Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant”. Note the word MUST. Which means, that’s the only way to become great. Leadership puts you in a position to take care of others before you take care of yourself.

serving others

To fulfill your God given purpose here on earth, you must genuinely care about other people and help them to reach their potential. When you do that, you are honoring God and God will in turn honor you. You want to be honored? Go ahead and serve others. Use your God-given gifts and earth-learned skills to serve others. You will live on the best side of life doing so.


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