education of refugee girls

Education is important! So is the education of refugee girls. Young people, most especially refugees (girls and boys) should not be denied education. However, they are denied in some places. Here is why Mary Maker (a refugee girl) is fighting for the education of refugee girls.

Mary Maker had to flee war-torn South Sudan as a child. She found security and hope in the school at Kenya’s Kakuma Refugee Camp. She is now a teacher of young refugees. She believes in the power of education as an essential tool for rebuilding lives — and empowering a generation of girls who are too often denied entrance into the classroom and for building peace.

“For the child of war, an education can turn their tears of loss into a passion for peace,” Maker

Watch the talk she gave at the TEDx Kakuma Camp in June 2018. In it, she shares her reasons for fighting for the education of refugee girls like her.

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