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Everything You Need to Know about Bluehost Affiliate Marketing

Bluehost Affiliate Marketing

Bluehost affiliate marketing is a simple way for you to earn commissions from sales and for Bluehost to earn customers. It is a simple value exchange done for the benefit of everyone involved – you, customers and Bluehost. When you partner with Bluehost, you are going to be working with an affiliate marketing program that is one of the best in the business. The affiliate program was launched in 2004 and has been beneficial to the affiliates who do what is important.

Bluehost partners with individuals who are interested in promoting their products, offering a performance-based reward when affiliates refer a new customer. Affiliates can use a combination of online tools to generate leads, such as a banner ad on their website or a promotional blog post. Each purchase is tracked so Bluehost can pay you a commission on the sales you generate. This style of marketing is growing across industries.

In fact, affiliate marketing is expected to grow to nearly $6.8 billion industry in the next five years, according to a 2016 survey. At Bluehost, they believe their satisfied customers are the best people to promote their products. And since being an affiliate gives you some extra cash, it’s a great way for Bluehost to succeed on the web together. Basically, you have to first experience the products offered by Bluehost to be able to market it well as an affiliate.

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Bluehost Affiliate Marketing

Bluehost affiliate marketing is based on the products offered by Bluehost. Since founded in 2003, Bluehost has continually pioneered new ways to empower people to fully harness the web. They provide comprehensive tools to millions of users throughout the world so anyone — novice or pro — can get on the web and thrive. Bluehost offers unmetered bandwidth along with unlimited storage space, email capacity, and domains. Now, as a leader in both technology and service, they work tirelessly to build products that their affiliates can proudly promote.

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Your Bluehost Affiliate Account

Now that you know what affiliate marketing is and why you should partner with Bluehost, it’s time to get acquainted with your account. To follow along, download this affiliate marketing guide and implement the directives in the ultimate guide.

In the guide, you will learn about the dashboard, stats, referring links, payout history, links, widgets, settings, tax form, API, terms, and conditions, and many other important details.

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Bluehost Affiliate Best Practices

1. Create a How-To Guide: Adding a step-by-step guide to help your readers sign up for a Bluehost account is an effective way to increase conversions on your website.

2. Add a Resources Page to Your Website: A resources page is a great place to share the products, companies, or services that you use or recommend as an affiliate. Also, include a tracking link to ensure that purchases coming from your website will be recorded in your affiliate account.

3. Place Links and Banners on Your Website
4. Use Email Marketing
5. Share on Social Media

You can get more information on what else you ned to know about Bluehost affiliate marketing by downloading this affiliate marketing guide.

Guidelines for Success

Pro Tip 1: Leverage Good Content. Good, quality, relevant content attracts good, relevant visitors who are more likely to sign up for Bluehost’s products that you promote.

Pro Tip 2: Explain Away. Emphasize the quality and advantages of different hosting packages so your visitors don’t feel lost.

Pro Tip 3: Use Personal Experience. Do you use Bluehost? Visitors are more likely to believe personal experience than an uneducated sales pitch.

Pro Tip 4: Build a devoted following.
Pro Tip 5: Generate good traffic to your website.
Pro Tip 6: Disclose your affiliate relationship with Bluehost.
Pro Tip 7: Follow Bluehost’s affiliate terms and conditions.

Now you have everything you need to know about Bluehost affiliate marketing. However, if you need further clarification, you can ask your questions as a comment and I’ll respond to you the best way I can.


4 responses to “Everything You Need to Know about Bluehost Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Farb Avatar

    Other than via PayPal, do they offer other payment methods?

    1. Adesoji Adegbulu Avatar

      Commissions are paid out via Bank/Wire Transfer or PayPal.

  2. Olalere Damilare Avatar
    Olalere Damilare

    Please can I register through commission junction

    1. Adesoji Adegbulu Avatar

      You can only register for an affiliate account via Bluehost’s site.