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Successful Strategies for Promoting Products as an Affiliate

Successful Strategies for Promoting Products as an Affiliate

To be successful (earn a lot of money) with affiliate marketing, you need to know and do the successful strategies for promoting products as an affiliate. The strategies need to be implemented by you either you promote other people’s (or a company’s) product or service for a percentage commission on each sale. These successful strategies are what successful affiliate marketers use. And, there’s nothing stopping you from knowing and using them as well.

As you may have known already, first, you need to find a product/service you like, use it, promote it to others via your platforms, and then earn a commission for each sale that you make. However, between finding a product/service to promote and earning commissions, the strategies you’ll find in this post are what you should do to make much more commissions.


Strategies for Promoting Products as an Affiliate

1. Get Involved in the Product/Service Launch

Getting sales conversions and then commissions from affiliate products aren’t that easy. At first, conversions and commissions don’t just happen, they are made to happen. The way to make them happen at first is to get involved a product/service launch. Treat the launch of the product/service you want to promote as an affiliate as if it is your own launch. Build buzz about your promotion, get people excited about your upcoming sales as an affiliate and make sure they subscribe to your list.

2. eMail Your List

Your list is the set of people who have consciously subscribed to get emails from you. These are the people who are really interested in what you share with them.

Now, since you are part of the product/service launch, you will get your own affiliate URL which you should use to market the product/service. Also, you will get access to swipes from the product/service owner which you can use to craft your emails and send emails to your list in your own voice. Make sure you scheduled the emails in advance and be mindful of the times you send out the scheduled emails. You can schedule the emails to go out before work or after work or before bed.

Also, make sure you send out emails to your list every day of the product/service launch. Most importantly, make sure you avoid mistakes in your emails, include your affiliate URL and that your emails are readable on a desktop, mobile and tablets. Promote only one product during this time so you won’t confuse your subscribers.

3. Blog About It and Share on Social Media

Blogging is a great way to get the word out about the products/services you are promoting as an affiliate. This is one of the best strategies for promoting products and services that you should use. This strategy is good especially on an evergreen basis as search engines will pick up the post and rank it higher. Which in turn gets your more visits and sales even when you are not actively promoting the product/service.

When composing a blog post about a product/service, make sure you use keywords related to the product/service. Compose the post in form of a review, detailing the benefits of the product/service, why people should buy, how they will buy and every other useful information. Make sure you never forget to include your well-cloaked affiliate URL in the post.

Share the blog post on social media sites. Submit the post as press releases, forums, directories etc with link back to your blog post in the resource box and submit to directories. However, don’t just spam all the external places with your offer. Be tactful and use viral angles.

4. Make and Publish a Video

Take a step higher by making a 10 to 15 minutes video about the product/service you are promoting. The video should contain a review, case-study or walk-through and testimonies of the actual product/service to establish a lot of credibilities and make a direct connection between you and the client. These types of videos, when published on YouTube with a keyword-rich description, drive more sales and also ranks higher on search engines.

In conclusion, use these successful strategies for promoting products that will get you high commissions for every sale you generate. You don’t want to do all of these for a low-end (small commission) affiliate product. Also, only recommend products as an affiliate that you are extremely very familiar with. These are preferably products you have used before. Even if you haven’t use them before, you should be really knowledgeable about the product/service.

If you want to make lots of money (in your own terms) with affiliate marketing, never directly tell anyone to buy a product. Make sure you always recommend products/services based on your experience and let people know you earn a commission for recommending such products/services. It’s equally important you do the strategies you have learned from this post.