12 Steps to Set and Achieve Any Goal


Do you have goals you want to achieve or plans you want to make a reality? Here are the 12 steps to set and achieve any goal. These steps were chosen by Brian Tracy but I explained each with my own words the way I understood them. I’m hoping you will find these useful to achieve any goal you want to achieve.

1. Have a Desire: What Do You Really Want?

Ask yourself, what do you really want to achieve from the goal. Can you explain that in simple terms to a 10-year-old kid and would be understood. Make your desires as clear as possible.

2. Believe That Your Goal is Achievable

Having a goal is different from believing in the achievement of the goal. You can have a goal that you will travel the world in 60 days but if you don’t believe that, you won’t achieve it.

3. Write Your Goal Down

Writing down a goal means you are putting the goal into a concrete plan. Don’t just write down the goal, state categorically how you plan to achieve them. Writing down your goal makes you remember them.

4. Determine Your Starting Point

Determine where you want to start. The best bet is to start with the easier goals, accomplish them, then go ahead with the other difficult goals. Don’t wait till the right time. Start now because the right time to start is now. Not tomorrow.

5. Determine Why You Want It

What are you WHYs for wanting to achieve the goal? If your WHYs is all about you, you will find it hard to achieve the goals at the right time. Discover the WHYs for every goal you have. The strong WHYs gives you strength to set and achieve any goal.

6. Set a Deadline

Great goals come with deadlines. Set deadlines for the achievement of any goal. This can be 30 days, 60, days, 90 days, a year – your choice. Set a deadline and stick to it. Do not try to extend the deadline you set.

7. Identify the Obstacles in Your Way

There are so many obstacles in your way to achieve a goal. Identify such obstacles and devise ways to overcome them. Focus on the results you want to get from the goals. Focus on the WHYs behind the goals. Doing this would help you turn the obstacles into opportunities.

8. Determine the Additional Knowledge and Skills You Need

One of such important obstacle is insufficient knowledge and inadequate skills. The way to overcome this is to get additional knowledge and skills. Improve yourself with the knowledge and skills required for achieving your goals. Doing this makes it easier for your to achieve your goals sooner than expected.

9. Determine the People Whose Help You Will Need

You can’t achieve your goals all by yourself. You’ll need people to help you in your journey to achieve your goals. Locate these people and reach out to them. Some will not respond to you
while some will.

10. Make a Plan: Put It All Together

Set a plan on all you need to do and go through in order to achieve any goal. Follow the plan and allow for some uncertainties.

11. Visualize Your Goal Continually

Make your goal a part of you. Let it get to your sub-conscious. Dream it. Live it.

12. Never Give Up!

Never giving up means backing everything you do with persistence and determination. It means resolving in advance that you will never give up, and making the decision, long before you face any obstacles or difficulties that you will stick with it until you reach your goal.

According to Tracy, this form of mental preparation can do more to help you than almost any other factor.


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