Here is Why Women Lose Weight Slower than Men

Women lose weight! But if you compare the rate a which this happens with that of men, you would see that the rate doesn’t match. There is no equality in the rate at which women and men lose weight. The reason for this was shown by a new study.

The study published on August 7, 2018, by the Journal Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism is titled Men and women respond differently to rapid weight loss: Metabolic outcomes of a multi-center intervention study after a low‐energy diet in 2500 overweight, individuals with pre‐diabetes from Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

At the end of the study, the researchers found that men lost about 11.8 kilograms on average while women only lost about 10.2 kilograms on average. In addition to losing weight, the study reported that men also had larger reductions on other measures such as lower heart rate, less body fat, reduced risk of diabetes etc.

The reason for this is because men tend to have more muscle and a higher metabolism rate than women. Also, men typically have more weight in their midsection. This weight is known as visceral fat. The lose of the visceral fat improves metabolism rate, helping men to burn more calories. Women, however, have more fat around their thighs. This is called subcutaneous fat. The lose of this fat does not improve the rate of metabolism.

So basically, the reason why a majority of women lose weight slower than men is due to which fat is burned and at what metabolism rate. However, do not take the study as the final say. This is because of the study which was conducted only for a short-term i.e. 8 weeks. According to the researchers, the study was not focused on whether the weight lost by the participants and the health benefits achieved could be maintained over a longer period of time.

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