Message from The Millennial Generation

This one's for my 80/90s babies and millenials.


Welcome to our generations (The Millennial Manifesto)


I engage in politics on Facebook and Instagram
I get my daily news reports via Twitter
My religion is faith
because only promised, land we ever knew starting with letter H, is called Hollywood.
The first and only royalty we ever acknowledged was the The Fresh Prince and Queen B
The only place voting makes sense to me is on The Voice, American Idol and X factor
We hash tags everything and “X” collaborations
Use abbreviation and forget about punctuation.
So what
Because, we migrated from the idea of ‘we have to”
To “We want to”
Rather than know a lot about a little, we decided it was better to know a little about a lot.
That’s’s how we create business without having to leave our house
and ye we have apps to order pizza
You criticizing my generation, forgetting who raised it.
You brought us up in this world, well guess whose gonna change it!


You either accept us or you reject us
You either accept us or you reject us
You either accept us for who we are or you reject us for what were not
And it may sound crazy
But this is our generation

You either accept us or you reject us
But your wrong if you think , your ever gonna deliver your message the way you address us
Because, you keep asking us to look up from our screens
Just so we can see them looking down on us it seems.
Just because we made skinny jeans,
Instead of waiting on the wool from ba ba black sheep
You expected us to cry when humpty dumpty fell off the wall
And was surprised when we didn’t
Because we no longer waiting for all the Kings horses and all the Kingmens to put him back together again
Instead, we had scrambled egg whites that evening.

Because apparently, we’re the lost generation, so can you blame us from finding something to do.
Weather it was creating twerking on Snapchats or creating Kermit memes.
Because The world is longer yours
And we took away all the “Y’s” and created our own paths
so now, It’s ours.
I said “The world is longer yours
We become the generation “Y” before you could ask it, so now
It’s ours.
So What if we cupcake machines or biodegradable sleeves or
driverless cars.

We don’t believe in war, unless it’s on world of warcraft.
We don’t care about your race, or sexuality.
If they don’t make sense, we question rules.
Because, we believe rulers are meant to be broken.
And were still busy keeping up with the Kardashains, because it’s a much better than that glamorised reality TV show that you call the news.
Can you blame us for actually wanting to LEARN something that would help us in schools.
I grew up watching the magic school bus, how do you expect me to believe I would ever learn anything inside a classroom
I said, I grew up watching the magic school bus, so how the hell would you expect me to believe that I could ever learn anything inside a classroom.


We are taking over and here our demands
Not that finish everything on your plate and
brush before you sleep.

It’s simply that you listen,
Because it’s a new world
And even though we grew up in different generations, facing the same disguised as different situations.
So instead of saying “I was once young like you so know what’s rights”
Think about it, “Is that the kind of argument a younger version of you, would have responded to”
Because,If you allow yourself to take a sip from the fountain of youth for a 2nd you will that we are really not that different.
What I replaced IBM with Apple
Encloypedia with Wiki
Emails and letters
Ipads and Ledgers
All the wise men you ever knew with “google”.
Maybe if I replaced Obama with Bill Clinton.
Messi with Maradonna
Rihanna with Madonna
You would have a better understanding of our way of thinking.

Because, this is the Millennial generation manifesto,
These are our terms,
“Listen and trust us
before you judge us”
We will proceed to share it, until we receive a response.

Thank you
Suli Breaks

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