Adesoji Adegbulu

Purpose Defined

A few months back, I was in a Church (Harvest House) service where Gbenga Sesan was the guest minister. He spoke on the subject of ‘purpose’. He defined ‘purpose’ so well that he actually talked about his own story. And like you must have known, the secrets of great people are in their stories. If you want to know the secret of great people just make yourself available when they are telling their stories. Or look for their story in the books they write.

Before I go ahead, I need to ask, what’s your purpose for doing what you are doing? If you don’t have a purpose for it, it is as good as dead. Why try to make the dead horse run? Do you want success? Do you want greatness? Do you want happiness? Whatever you want, you must have a purpose for it. Without it, you have no reason to live.

Here, I am going to do a recap on purpose as defined by Gbenga Sesan. Please note that the definition of each alphabet in ‘PURPOSE’ is by Gbenga Sesan while the explanation of each is by me.

P – Passion

Now that you have a purpose, you need passion to fulfill your purpose. Without passion, do not expect that your purpose will be fulfilled. Your passion to fulfill your purpose is magic. You don’t need a magician to have success or greatness. What you need is the absolute passion to fulfill your purpose.

U – Understanding

In addition to passion, you need understanding. It is very true that understanding makes you outstanding. So many people out there have almost the same purpose that you have. They also have an equal measure of passion but what makes you different from all others is your level of understanding of your purpose. Work at getting more understanding of your purpose and you are on your way to becoming outstanding.

R – Resilience

Resilience is a virtue you MUST have in order to fulfill your purpose. Resilience is what makes you keep working while others are dead asleep. You need resilience. Whatever you have on your list of ‘must-haves’, you should include ‘resilience’ on that list. This is because resilience is a step to greatness. And if you need greatness, then you need to have resilience.

P – Perception

The saying that “what you see is what you get” is true. What do you see yourself becoming? Your perception of your tomorrow will determine the effort you put into today. See yourself becoming great. See yourself becoming a success. See yourself fulfilling your purpose here on earth. You’ve got what it takes. Start seeing yourself as what you want to become.

O – Opportunity

Wow. I like this. The truth is, when you start putting passion, understanding, resilience, and perception together successfully, opportunities will start to flow your way. These opportunities come so that you can get the best out of your purpose. The truth is, your riches/wealth lies in fulfilling your purpose. Opportunities come your way so that you can get the riches/wealth towards you. If you keep passing over opportunities repeatedly, you will end up poor. So in line of your purpose, make great use of the opportunities that come your way.

S – Skills

Now you need the skills to pay the bills. You might have every other thing working for you but the skills you have will give you leverage and an added advantage. Purpose doesn’t get fulfilled easily, you need the required skills to fulfill your purpose. What is your purpose? I’m sure you understand what your purpose is. Now you have to develop the required skills to match your purpose. Your skills make a difference. Go get yours. Sometimes skills are free to get. Sometimes you have to pay for it. And sometimes, you get skills through experience. Whatever it is, go get the required skills.

E – Expertise

Expertise! It takes only the expert to get things going on well. Are you an expert? I’m sure NO! Okay, that is fine. Now you need to work out your expertise. Do you want to fulfill your purpose? If yes, then your aim should be towards becoming an expert. The essence of fulfilling purpose is to stand tall after all has been done. And, it takes only the experts to stand tall after all has been done. This is it. Go ahead and become an expert at what you do.

Now you have it. Go ahead and fulfill a purpose. Go for passion, understanding, resilience, perception, opportunity, skills, and expertise. And while you are going after them, don’t forget to come back here once in a while so as to get the more effective post that would help you with personal development, entrepreneurial development, and national development.