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This is What Drives the Influencer Marketing Economy

inflencer marketing economy

Influencer marketing will become more beneficial to you if you really know and do what drives the influencer marketing economy. Like every other business economy which involves production, distribution, selling, and consumption of products and services by different people (your followers), influencer marketing also follows these processes. To make the best of this, it is important that you know exactly what drives each process. Knowing and implementing the exact drivers will contribute towards the returns (profits) you get from the influencer marketing economy.


The Driver of Influencer Marketing Economy

The people you reach with your influence turn to you for instruction, entertainment, inspiration, advice and lots more. To effectively drive the influencer marketing economy towards them, you need to continually add value for them. The value you add to them continually is what drives the economy. The value you add to them is what moves them to follow you, engage with your marketing, and return to your social channels time and time again. The value you add to them is the foundation for your trusted relationship and the basis for the influencer marketing economy as a whole.

Don’t just pitch, add value. Don’t just sell, add value. This is where influencer marketers come in. Value is the pillar of the influencer marketing industry. You should be committed to delivering value for brands (that your market for), consumers (that you market to, and influencers (that you relate with) alike.

In addition to adding value in every process, you also need to implement the most powerful selling point for influencer marketing. Using value and the selling point to drive your influencer marketing business.

How Do I Become an Influencer Marketer?

I know that not everyone reading this is an influencer marketer. If you want to be an influencer marketer, first you need a measure of influence on a huge number of people across social networks. Then you’ll need to join some profitable influencer networks which will connect you to brands or you can do the hard work of looking for brands yourself. It’s important that you become a “social media star” and then access the opportunity to leverage your influence and work closely with brands while providing brands with an opportunity to connect with niche segments of their consumer base through a variety of influential channels.

You can always ask further questions using the comment section further below. Also, you can contact me so I can properly help you become an influencer marketer and become one of the people that really drives the new influencer marketing economy.



4 responses to “This is What Drives the Influencer Marketing Economy”

  1. Shantanu Sinha Avatar
    Shantanu Sinha

    Hello Adesoji,

    Great post 🙂

    Indeed, the customers are engaged on our sites, unless and until they get something to learn from our website.

    They are connected with us, as they seek guidance, entertainment, and something valuable from the site.
    If we do not provide with certain value, they would be flying away from us, as the market is very tough.
    There are many bloggers who can attract them easily.

    Yeah, talking about myself, I too want to become a influencer marketer.
    Yeah, this requires a lot of hard work if done alone.
    But what are chances and how can we influence some profitable influencer, so that we could also become a influencer marketer.

    Thank you
    Shantanu sinha

    1. Adesoji Avatar

      Hi Shantanu,

      Good to know you want to become an influencer marketer. Before you start attracting brands that you will market for as an influencer, you need to first become a person on value in a certain niche (or niches). First build a following that really connected to you. Then you can join influencer marketing plaforms (e.g. Webfluential) that will connect you to brands.

  2. Cornel Manu Avatar
    Cornel Manu

    Your advice about adding value is priceless. 🙂
    That’s the number one secret of wealth: the money you make is proportional to the value you bring.

    1. Adesoji Avatar

      Thanks Cornel.

      No value, no real wealth