#Africa2015 Agility Photo Competition


Agility, one of the world’s leading providers of integrated logistics, has launched a global photo competition that aims to highlight the success of emerging Africa and reflect its increasing progress. The story of today’s Africa (young, growing, urbanizing, and tech-savvy) needs to be told. This is why Agility wants to capture the hope, aspirations and confidence of a new generation of Africans and the continent that they are rapidly reshaping with #Africa2015.

In order to do this, images/photos that will open the eyes of the world to today’s vibrant, modern African reality will be needed to showcase the developments in Africa. Who else can take this images/photos except for photographers. This is why Agility invite both professional and amateur photographers (18 years of age and older) to compete for a chance to win up to $4,000 in the Agility photography competition.

Photo Requirements

The photos/images to be submitted must highlight the successes of Africa, elements that show how we’ve developed and are just as tech-savvy and fast paced as any other continent. In essence, photos/images should show the positive side to Africa thereby allowing international audiences to see the beauty that Africa holds.

Competition Rewards

There are three (3) categories in which photos/images can be entered/submitted into. These are

- cities
- industry
- technology

You will need to submit a photo/image into any or all of the three categories. There are beautiful cities in Africa you can capture. There are developed industries in Africa you can highlight in a picture. There are technology breakthroughs you can also show in your photo and have them submitted for the competition.

Agility will award a $2,000 cash prize to the winner of each category, as well as a $4,000 grand cash prize to the photographer who shoots the overall winning image that best captures the development and growth across Africa. Also, the winning photographs will be shown on a CNBC Africa telecast and published in Forbes Africa.

If you love Africa and you want to tell the story of Africa's development in pictures, then you should take part in the Agility global photo competition. Pictures they say is worth a thousand words. You can capture the story of Africa in pictures and get rewarded for your photo/image.

To enter the competition right away, simply do the following;

1. Go to Agility global photo competition's website.
2. Scroll down the website to the contest registration form
3. Fill in your details and upload the photos to be submitted.
4. Accept the terms (if you agree).
5. Submit your entry.

Photos will be judged on:

1. Compatibility with the theme of a modern, hopeful Africa.
2. Creativity and photographic quality.
3. Impact and inspiration.

The contest will involve two round(s) of judging. In the first round, a panel of photographic experts will shortlist 30 photographers per category. In the second round, a different panel of judges will select the winning photo per category.

The Competition runs from June 1, 2015 at 12:00 PM GMT to September 1, 2015 at 12:00 PM GMT.

For more information on the photo contest, please go to Agility global photo competition's website and make sure you get all the information you need and then participate in the contest.


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