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Make a Stand to End Modern Slavery #50ff

According to the international labour organisation (ILO), 21 million people are in modern slavery, otherwise known as forced labour. In addition to this, $150 billion is made in illegal profits. You can support the international treaty to end modern slavery for good.

We have a chance to make history. The International Labour Organization’s Protocol on Forced Labour could restore hope and freedom to millions of people trapped in modern slavery. But first it has to be ratified by countries around the world.


The goal is to persuade at least 50 countries to ratify the Protocol on Forced Labour by 2018. Join us to call on world leaders to ratify the ILO’s Protocol on Forced Labour.

The legal protocol on forced labour is a legally-binding treaty that requires governments to take new measures to tackle modern slavery in all its forms. It works on three main levels: protection, prevention and compensation. As an international treaty, countries must first ratify the Protocol before it enters into force.

The Protocol on Forced Labour won’t end modern slavery by itself. But convincing governments to ratify it is a critical step in that direction. You can help to do that by signing up to support the 50 for Freedom campaign and asking your government representatives to ratify the Protocol on Forced Labour.

Sign up to support the 50 for Freedom campaign and help millions of children, women and men reclaim their freedom and dignity. Go now to 50 for Freedom, read further details and signup to make a difference. We look unto you to make this a possibility.

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