Adesoji Adegbulu

Shopify adds CashEnvoy as a 3rd-Party Payment Processor

This is a good development for Nigerians as Shopify adds cashenvoy to its list of third-party payment processors. Shopify is an eCommerce software and an online store builder that anyone can use for the purpose of selling online and everywhere. You can create an account for a 14-days trial to get access to the tools you will be using to sell your stuff online. You can then upgrade to use the site fully for your online eCommerce business.

Now, as a Nigerian online merchant who uses or will start using Shopify, you will be glad to know that Nigeria’s payment service called “CashEnvoy” has been added as a third-party payment processor on Shopify. The benefit of this is, you will be able to easily collect payments from your Nigerian customers on your eCommerce site built on the Shopify eCommerce framework.


CashEnvoy is a Nigerian payments aggregator that accepts all payments from all major Nigerian debit cards. Online merchants typically use payment aggregators to avoid the costs and technical constraints that are typical of direct integrations with Interswitch or eTranzact.

According to CashEnvoy’s CEO Olaolu Awojoodu, the Shopify integration was made possible by another partnership with U-Africa, a South African based Shopify expert.

If you are considering owning an eCommerce site with an easy means of receiving payments for the things you sell, you should consider signing up with Shopify today and have access for a 14-days trial. The good thing also is, you can integrate your eCommerce store on Shopify within Facebook. Which means you can sell your stuff directly on Facebook based on your eCommerce framework Shopify provides.

After signing up with Shopify, you will also need to create a merchant account with Cashenvoy. As a merchant using Cashenvoy, you will be able to easily pay and settle other merchants on your platform. The good thing is, there are no integration, withdrawal or subscription fees. Cashenvoy is easy to use, with complete transaction records.