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How to Get Recurring Traffic to Your Blog without a Lot of Work

get recurring traffic

There are various ways to get recurring traffic to your blog. I’m not sure how many you use already but it’s not bad to add another to your traffic generation arsenal. The way you will find in this article is what has been in existing for a long time. Which means you may have tried it. If you have, I’ll be looking forward to reading your comment about how it works for you. For those new to this method, it is the opportunity for you to use this tip to get recurring traffic to your blog. Before we go in-depth, I need you to know that this information will require your creativity even though you won’t do a lot of work. If you are a creative type, then this will be easy peasy for you.

Creating websites is really easy but creating popular websites is very hard. You have to figure out the SEO, social media marketing, backlinking strategy, email marketing, revenue generation, etc. All this takes the time to learn and master but creating quizzes is a way to create viral posts that can get you millions of visitors, thousands of social shares, hundreds of backlinks, and a tonne of ad revenue. Humans have a very peculiar nature when it comes to showing off their knowledge. That’s probably why Quizzes are the most shared pieces of content on the internet.


Getting Recurring Traffic with Quizzes

Have you ever come across those test or quiz site that ask you questions like the following;

– What is the name of the person who secretly loves you?
– What is your true personality like?
– What are your strengths and weaknesses?
– What kind of animal are you?
– Which ‘Game of Thrones’ Character Are You?

I’m sure you have. These test or quiz sites gets a lot of recurring traffic to their blogs. This is simply because people like those quizzes and are prone to share their result with people on their social media channels. And the good thing is, you set up the quiz once and people can answer them as much as they want. Sites like Buzzfeed Quiz use this a lot. The quizzes are set up in such a way that make it easier for people to answer them and share their results with others. As other people see their “friends” result, they are also moved to take the quiz too. This leads to a viral effect which benefits Buzzfeed with recurring traffic.


You too can make this work for your blog. Though you may not have the same setup Buzzfeed has but there are other ways you can get this done for cheap. You just need to find a way to create quizzes on your blog and a way to get people to see them. The quizzes need to be creative and much more related to the contents of your blog. Also, the quizzes need to be something people will share easily. You can’t ask people for something private and expect them to answer publicly. Which means, you will want to make the quizzes something general to the public.


How to Set Up Quizzes on Your Blog

To easily setup quizzes for your blog, there’s a WordPress plugin you can use. The WordPress plugin is called WP Quiz. This is the number one WordPress plugin for building powerful and beautiful quizzes. If you want to increase engagement for any website or blog by keeping your users glued to the page and to keep them coming back for more, then you should get this plugin and use. Use quizzes to go viral and destroy your bounce rate!

The plugin comes in two variants, the free one and the paid one. If you don’t have enough to invest in the plugin, you can start with the free WP Quiz. Hoover, there’s a limit to what you can do with it. If you have enough to invest, I’ll recommend that you go for the WP Quiz Pro since it’s not that expensive. [View Demo]

Nothing is quite so shareable as a good quiz. Most of the sharable contents on the internet are quizzes. With WP Quiz, the quizzes can be easily created and the end results are engaging, professional and dynamic. Impress your visitors, keep them engaged and get tonnes of shares! Get either the free WP Quiz or WP Quiz Pro today. Make sure you read what’s on their pages to know what features come with each.