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Benefits of Using Images in Emails

Email marketing is one approach that makes online business, blogging and other things you do online easier. With email marketing, you get to build a following who subscribed to receive further updates from you or your business. However, most email marketers are not using images in emails sent to their subscribers. The reason for this may because of a myth that the email will take time to load if an image is used. Or that the email may be filtered as spam because of the image.


This is entirely wrong. In this post, you will find the good you will gain when using images in an email sent to your subscribers.

Why Use Images in Emails?

– They look great and people like them.
– They make things visually appealing
– Used the right way, they can generate more click-throughs.


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Don’t Rely Solely on Images

Never make your email just one big image. If subscribers have images disabled, they won’t be able to see anything unless you ask them to enable images.


Best Practices for Images in Emails

Size and Weight: Talk with your email service provider to understand the limits of image size and weight.
Use Image Alt tag: For subscribers who keep images turned off, make sure your images include a descriptive text Alt Tag. This can be a call to action. Use Alt Tags that evoke the purpose of the image.
Link to hosted version of the Email: Include a link at the top of your email template that says “view in your browser.”
Test, Test, Test: Find out which images are working and which aren’t. Test your message with inbuilt Inbox preview to check how they render in various email clients.
Use mobile-friendly templates or responsive email design to make sure your newsletters look great on both desktops and smartphones.

See more on the infographic below



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