Adesoji Adegbulu

Entrepreneurship is an Attitude

“What is entrepreneurship? Is it a destination or a journey? To me, entrepreneurship is an attitude” – York Zucchi, healthcare entrepreneur and venture capitalist

entrepreneurship is an attitude

A young female tailor and aspiring entrepreneur – Tania Habimana, travels across Africa making suits for established business people – she uses this opportunity as a way to interview, gain insights and advice from Africans who have made it both in and out of Africa.

She then puts her newly acquired knowledge into practice for growing her own suit business on the African continent.

In this Episode 1, part 1 : Tania is back in Johannesburg and ready to start from scratch! She visits York Zucchi, healthcare entrepreneur and Kojo Parris, business consultant, in an effort to get advice on how to build a strong strategy for her pan-african empire. The entrepreneurs shared knowledge about entrepreneurship in Africa. The knowledge gained can be used by anybody to grow their own businesses too. Watch the interview and learn.


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