Adesoji Adegbulu

A Simple Business Lesson from Bull and Turkey

This contains a short story of a turkey and a bull which would help you personally and also your business. The story may not be necessarily real but there is a simple business lesson to learn from it. Discover the business lesson to learn from this story

A turkey was standing in a field chatting to a bull. “I would love to get to the top of that tree over there,” the turkey said, “but I don’t have enough energy.”

“That is not a problem,” said the bull. “You may feast on some of my droppings. They’re packed with nutrients.”

The turkey pecked at some of the lump of cow dung and found, surprisingly, that it had enough energy to fly to the first branch. The next day, it took another peck and had more energy to fly to a higher branch. Finally, after the fifth day, and after gobbling up enough of the cow dung, the turkey proudly reached the top of the tree.

Almost immediately, a farmer saw the turkey, perched gallantly at the top of the tree. He ran into his house, emerged with a shotgun, and shot that turkey right out of the tree.

Moral of the Story: BULLSHIT might GET you to the TOP, but it won’t KEEP you there.

Lesson: Your business shouldn’t be about doing just anything to GET to the top. Your business should be taking the right steps, path and doing what is required to SUSTAIN your position in whatever step/level your business is. Don’t look for easy and fast ways to get your business to the top. This is because there is none. But if you find one, your business is sure to come falling down almost immediately.

Do the right things in the right way!