Adesoji Adegbulu

Ballot Box Revolution

I was at the Bola Tinubu Colloquium on Saturday, March 29 2014 and it was really an eye opener. Sorry, I have checked the dictionary and colloquium means conference or discussion gathering 😉

My take is that our country, Nigeria is under siege and the earlier we try to take it back the better for us.

Some people have recommended bloody revolution but the truth is how many are we going to kill? What will be the deciding factor on who to kill or spare out of all the people that have been holding positions in our country?

bola oniThe type of revolution I am prescribing should take place next year and it is through the ballot box. It is the ballot box revolution.

Over the years majority of us have refused to participate in the electoral process because of one reason or the other. This apathy has brought us where we are now.

I will register and vote in ALL the upcoming elections. I will influence people around me and those I have influence over to also join in making 2015 a revolutionary year. What about you?

Thank God you can afford to buy fuel for your generator 365 days a year, thank God you can send your kids to quality school without blinking, thank God…. but realize millions ain’t that lucky.

Apathy hasn’t gotten us anywhere, we deserve a better place to call a country and our individual actions will determine what kind of country we have after 2015.

God bless Nigeria.

This was sent as a broadcast on BlackBerry messenger by Adebola Oni, a web developer, trainer and web consultant for IdeaPortal.