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Create Real Passive Income Online from Affiliate Marketing

The only way to be truly wealthy is to have a number of different sources of passive income. Passive income is defined as that income that does not require active participation in a business. This is exactly why so many people want their own membership site. It seems like the ideal business model to create something that will bring new money over and over. But a membership site is NOT passive income.

Sure the money comes in every month but unless you fill that site with new valuable content, you will lose your paying members in droves. Membership sites take lots of work. You have to maintain high-quality content to keep your members happy and also have to monitor the site. If you have incorporated a forum, you will need to either moderate this yourself or outsource it to others (usually either at a cost or on a revenue share).

Promote Affiliate programs that has recurring payment plans.

The beauty of the residual income affiliate programs is that you can get all the benefit of a recurring monthly site without actually having to run one yourself. I believe that promoting residual income affiliate programs is the best way to create REAL passive income online. You do the work once and you get paid over and over again.

Things to Look out for When Choosing a Recurring Affiliate Program

1. Consider the quality of the product/service/membership.
2. Look through forums, and see if you can find any reference to the company offering the affiliate program.
3. The commission payments
4. The level of competition
5. What you can get together in terms of items for your bonus package.
6. What is the need, or the potential use of the product/service?
7. Marketing material