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How to Access Good Luck

So many people wish that they have good luck but they end up not getting it. This is because good luck doesn’t come through wishes. If it were, we could just sit lazily like a couch potato and expect thing good luck to come on its own accord. I think I like that but I’ll end up waiting and get nothing. If you need good luck, then you need to know how to really access it for your own good. Continue reading

Purpose Defined

Some few months back, I was in a Church (Harvest House) service where Gbenga Sesan was the guest minister. He spoke on the subject of ‘purpose’. He defined ‘purpose’ so well that he actually talked about his own story. And like you must have known, the secrets of great people are in their stories. If you want to know the secret of great people just make yourself available when they are telling their stories. Or look for their story in the books they write. Continue reading

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