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Are you Ready for the Future of Marketing?

Do you know what the future of marketing is? Are you ready for it? To answer that question, you have to know what’s coming. Thankfully, Google’s Senior Vice President of Ads & Commerce, Sridhar Ramaswamy has an idea. “We’re heading toward an age of assistance where, for marketers, friction will mean failure, and mass messages will increasingly mean “move on.”” So what’s that mean for you? Continue reading

Google Introduces No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA

Google has invented a new kind of CAPTCHA. It’s called No Captcha reCaptcha where you only need to tick a box to verify that you are not a robot. If you’ve every signed up for an online account or bought something online, you’ve probably encountered a CAPTCHA prompt, where you’ve been asked to type a portion of distorted text to prove you’re not a spambot. Google’s research recently showed that today’s robot can solve those CAPTCHA prompts with 99.8% accuracy. Continue reading

Google PageRank Update is Finally Dead

One metric people use to judge websites and blogs is Google PageRank update. Basically the “Google PageRank” of a page (website or blog) ranges from 0-10. This metric demonstrates how powerful a page is on Google Search engines. Most websites have a pagerank between 0 and 3 (inclusive) while the big sites have a pagerank between 7 and 10 inclusive. Webmasters works at building traffic and links in order to increase their Google Pagerank. This is because having a higher pagerank gives the site/blog an authority look. Continue reading

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