sustainable economic development

Expert Interview on Achieving Sustainable Economic Development in Nigeria

As a followup to the article on Measuring Progress using the Sustainable Economic Development Assessment (SEDA)...
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new books

December 2016: 16 Hot New Books in Business and Investing

I thought you might be interested in the following new books in business and investing. These...
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sustainable economic development assessment

Measuring Progress: Sustainable Economic Development Assessment

Researchers at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) have found an alternative to measure economic progress in...
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inflencer marketing economy

This is What Drives the Influencer Marketing Economy

Influencer marketing will become more beneficial to you if you really know and do what drives...
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The 17 Sustainable Development Goals

The sustainable development goals (SDGs) are a new, universal set of goals, targets and indicators that...
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Nigeria to hit $1 trillion in GDP by 2030

Nigeria is projected to be the first African country to hit $1 trillion in GDP by...
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In 2014, Global CO2 Emissions Stopped despite Economic Growth

For the last 40 years, whenever the world economy grew, so did the Earth’s carbon dioxide...
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Nigeria’s Economic Development: Vocation and Technical Education

Vocation and Technical Education are keys to improving Nigeria’s economic development. Technical education is a planned...
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12 Economic Concepts Every Graduate Should Know

Students from the class of 2014 have begun graduating. To mark the occasion, economist and blogger...
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Nigeria is now Africa’s Biggest Economy

Nigeria has overtaken South Africa as Africa’s biggest economy after a rebasing calculation nearly doubled its...
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Nigeria’s Economy is the Largest in Africa

In about three weeks from now, when the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) releases the rebased...
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