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The 17 Sustainable Development Goals

The sustainable development goals (SDGs) are a new, universal set of goals, targets and indicators that UN member states will be expected to use to frame their agendas and political policies over the next 15 years. The SDGs follow, and expand on, the millennium development goals (MDGs), which were agreed by governments in 2000, and are due to expire at the end of this year. The countdown has begun to September’s 2015 summit on the sustainable development goals, with national governments now discussing the 17 goals that could transform the world by 2030. Continue reading

More Jobs from Renewal of Sugarcane Industry

Sugarcane production represents a promising source of biomass and source of thousands of jobs for Nigerians, the Minister of Trade and Investment in Nigeria, Dr Olusegun Aganga, has said. Speaking at Sunti sugarcane farms, Sunti, Niger State, Aganga said the government is reviving sugarcane crop to create jobs and increase local production of sugar cane as the economy still relies on imports. Continue reading

Nigeria to Address Unemployment with SEEFOR Project

Federal Government yesterday launched the State Employment and Expenditure for Results (SEEFOR) project worth about $350 million. The pilot project is to be financed by credit of $200 million by the World Bank and has attracted additional financial support of about 80 million from the European Union, EU. The fund is a credit from the World Bank expected to run for a period of five years in four SEEFOR participating States of Bayelsa, Delta, Edo and Rivers. Continue reading

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