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  • Entrepreneurship is an Attitude

    "What is entrepreneurship? Is it a destination or a journey? To me, entrepreneurship is an attitude" – York Zucchi, healthcare entrepreneur and venture capitalist

    entrepreneurship is an attitude

    A young female tailor and aspiring entrepreneur - Tania Habimana, travels across Africa making suits for established business people - she uses this opportunity as a way to interview, gain insights and advice from Africans who have made it both in and out of Africa. Read More »

  • 5 Real Strategies Required for Business Growth

    If you own a business, one of the most important things you would be working on is your business growth. This is what you (should) do on a daily basis. No matter how hard this may be, it is essential for your business goals and objectives. You need real strategies and you'll find 5 of the most important ones in this article.Read More »

  • 9 Questions You Should Never Stop Asking as a Business Owner

    As a business owner, here are some questions that you need to ask over and over, as your the market evolves and your strategic plan changes. Very often, the answers to these business development questions will change in response to evolving conditions. It is important that you change as well when it is necessary.Read More »

  • FOCUS: A Key to Succeeding in Online Business

    Recently, I was buzzed up by a friend via GTalk (GoogleTalk). He asked me I'm I planning to build my next big thing. I gave him my answer and we went on and on talking about online businesses and some other things that counts towards succeeding online. One of the thing that kept showing up in our conversation was "focus". He told me about his present online business (which I new when he started it) and how he has been working night and day to build his next big thing that he is going to be focusing on. I'm so sure he'll succeed at itRead More »

  • My Twitter Chat Interview on Career Lessons #CareerLessons

    It's almost a year ago I did the Career Lessons interview on Twitter with the host - Sam Semako. Precisely, this "Career Lessons" interview was conducted on Twitter on Sunday 10th, August 2014 at 7pm (in Nigeria). I first met with Sam Semako on Twitter while doing my weekend tweets on #TwitterMarket (Saturdays) and #TweetChurch (Sundays). The weekend tweets has been paused for some months. I'll probably be re-starting them. Anyways, here is the content of the interview. I hope you'll learn something from it.Read More »


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