3 Ways the Website Optimization at Google think about SEO

In a January 2019 report by the Website Optimisation at Google, it was clearly stated that the crew spends a lot of time thinking about search engine optimization (SEO) as much as you do, if not more. The question now is, what do they think about and how does it affect your SEO strategy?

As you may have already known, getting a viable audience to your website via the Google search engine is one of the main things your online business can benefit from. To get this done, you need to constantly carry out website optimization for your business. Of course, there are plenty of other ways to drive traffic to your website. You can use paid media, social media, display advertising etc. However, SEO has proven several times to be an important cost-effective strategy for organic growth.

To really get the most out of SEO, though, itโ€™s important to stay on top of the latest Google Search updates.

3 Main Website Optimization Tips

It can be incredibly difficult to stay on top of the latest Google search updates. However, here are three strategies you can rely on, no matter what changes happen with Google’s search algorithm for ranking and displaying your website appropriately to your viable audience.

1. Always Start Small

Focus on small, incremental changes rather than trying to carry out transformation changes in your SEO all at once. It is the small gains one step after the other that brings about the big gains you expect. Focusing on incremental changes helps you to actually know what works and what doesn’t.

2. Make Inconvenient Changes

Good and profitable changes are most times not convenient. Don’t be scared to make them when necessary. Search features are always evolving to surface the most relevant content for users and to keep up with their changing behavior. You need to be able to respond well with these changes. The more you embrace them and experiment with them, the better your SEO results.

3. Consolidate as much as possible

Try not to create multiple similar pages with an attempt to target different customers from different geographic regions. That only leads more time and cost on your part, more confusion for your website users and for search engines. Also, it doesn’t add value to your customers as they can always translate your page.

Creating one great site instead of multiple microsites is the best way to encourage organic growth over time.

Although Google does not always get SEO right, working on these 3 ways for website optimization as suggested by Google could help you build a flexible strategy that works for every new change. It also has the potential of driving powerful results for your SEO needs.

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