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Adesoji AdegbuluHi, I’m Adesoji Adegbulu. A global citizen (leveraging consulting and management opportunities for) building (and supporting) local and international business systems. This is in order to develop innovative and strategic solutions for problems related to people, the environment, water resources and social businesses.

I love to work with data backed facts and information, and then build international business systems and processes that brings about solutions to problems related to the environment, agriculture, water, humans, plants, animals and social businesses. I am strategic (looks at the big picture), a facilitator (brings people together), a developer (suggests new ideas) and composed (remains calm).

I live to add value into the things I do and people I meet daily. I develop things that are useful, effective and beneficial to people. I explore ideas I’m passionate about and find ways to turn (implement) the into profitable ventures. I start knowledge-based fires and solve problems creatively for people and businesses. I open doors of opportunities for myself and those around me (within my network) to develop and make good use of. I join hands as a team player and as a collaborator for the success of causes I believe in. I also join hands by connecting people with people and people with the reality of their dreams. I inspire excellence with my way of life, in what I teach and the words I say.

On this blog (AdesojiAdegbulu.com) titled “The Book of Solutions”, I take ideas and information related to People and Nations, Water and Agriculture, Business, Entrepreneurship and Finance, Technology & Internet and then transform them into knowledge, inspiration, teachings and a means of providing solution directly or indirectly for people, business and nations’ development. You can check out my services for details about the services I offer. Also, you can see my projects and my presentations. You can also check my interviews and what the press/media says about me.

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Specialties: Agricultural Engineering. Water Resources Engineering. Social Entrepreneurship. International Business Economics and Management. Project Management. Internet Technology. Business Strategy. Digital Marketing. Financial Management. Team Building. Business Planning. Consulting. Research, Analysis and Report presentation. Business Development. Data Analysis and Presentation. Intellectual Property Protection and Technology Transfer.

Here are the few attributes I have learned about me from people and personality tests.

– Friendly and adaptable. A doer and wants results. Practical approach to things. A risk-taker and loves to live on the best side of life.
– Analytic learner: learns by studying and reading the details and by asking “how?”.
– Data lover: focuses at data and the details and then manages things well by measures and metrics. Performance based.
– Ambidextrous Brain: appreciate qualities, not just quantities.
– Certainty living: certainty and control on what need to be done. Prefers not to get lost in chaos.
– Comfort lover: comfort and reliability in a safe and secure environment.
– Winning formula: puts details first, calculates, clarify and get things finished.
– Aggressive and excellent problem solver.
– Incredibly compassionate.
– Nature: Generous
– Power: Understanding
– Hidden Talent: Singing
– Top skill: Time Management
– Bright side: Chivalrous
– Smart, sophisticated and humble
– Judge less, Understands more and Supportive
– Encouraging
– Do not pretend to be something he’s not
– 42% Optimist, 51% Realist and 7% Pessimist

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Experience in Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
Experience working with hydrologic and hydraulic design programs, such as HEC-HMS.
Excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills.
Preparation of and conducting effective presentations.
Ability to work on multiple, unique assignments simultaneously.
Strong organizational, analytical and problem-solving skills.
Self-motivated, team-oriented and flexible.
Possess the initiative and ability to take on new projects regularly.
Ability to work independently and as part of project teams.

Take a few time out to check my pictures featuring my travels, quotes etc you can learn from.

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