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Get excited, Marketing gurus! Get Marketing Data on Demand

marketing data

Get excited, marketing gurus! You can now get marketing data on demand with just a tweet.

On May 23, 2017, think with Google rolled out a brand new and super cool data on demand AI service. This robot will give you the marketing data you need, on demand—using Twitter.

think with Google knows that you’re in the trenches every day, and it’s hard to stay up to marketing speed. That’s why they did the heavy lifting for you. From measurement to mobile, autos to AdWords, hundreds of marketing data points are going to be made available points at your fingertips.

It’s super easy to get in the know. Just ask for data on Twitter and the AI respond with the data you want.

A quick tweet is all it takes to get what you’re looking for and look like (even more of) a genius in front of your colleagues.

To request for any marketing data, go to Twitter and tweet your questions with a specific data term, @ThinkwithGoogle and add the hashtag #SHOWMEDATA