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10 Successful Tips For Generating Traffic to your Blog

It’s not an overstatement to say traffic is everything for bloggers. If you have a blog and it lacks traffic, your blog is as good as dead. It works everywhere. Whenever there is huge traffic, sales jump up and more money flows into the pocket of those made good use of the traffic. In simple terms, you need traffic to succeed as a blogger.

Let me explain it better. It’s been concluded that in internet marketing, only 1 person out of 49 people will respond to what you are selling on your blog. This simply means that if you are in a situation where you MUST sell 50 copies of your eBook before you can make a N100, 000, you must have over 2,450 (49×50) daily visitors to your sales page. This is the reason why blogs with a large number of visitors per day make a lot.

So how do you generating traffic to your blog?

1. Track Everything

As with all online marketing efforts, it’s critical that you track all traffic generated to your blog. Tracking can be done using a tracking service which you pay for monthly or using tracking software which you purchase and install on your server. Whichever option you choose, be sure to look for a solution that will give you as much information as possible. Many will tell you how many clicks you get, how many are unique visitors versus return visitors and where they were referred from. Some even give you conversion information by telling you which visits resulted in sales. Use Google analytics to track your website traffic.

2. Know Your Audience

It is important to remember that everyone trying to get traffic is first and foremost interested in having their own pages seen. Just like you, they all want to drive traffic to their sites. This means that you have to develop creative, eye-catching pages to entice them to take action. Simply using the same traffic means everyone else it will not be effective. You need to know the kind of people you want to come to your site.

3. Make Sure Your Page Loads Quickly

Your website design and the time it takes for the website to load are very critical. Your page will never be seen if your site takes 15 seconds to load. You want to have at least a 10-second viewing window to give the surfing time to respond to your offer.

4. Use Simple Splash Pages

Rather than sending surfers to your home page, which provides too much information, use a splash page. This is a page that does not require any scrolling. Its purpose is to be short, sweet and to the point. Typically it consists of a killer headline, a clear list of benefits and a simple call to action. You want your visitor to be able to make a quick decision whether to ask for more information or pass on your offering.

5. Include a Persuasive Call to Action

Make sure the page has a clear “call to action”. That is, that it clearly tells the customer why they should do next. Whether they join your newsletter, request your free ebook or take some other action, it should be obvious to the
surfer what they are to do.

6. Capture Their Contact Information

Offer surfers something in exchange for their email address. This gives you permission to contact them later and introduce them to your products and services.

7. Learn From Others

As you’re surfing, be sure to take note of the pages that catch your attention. Chances are that if they are enticing to you, they are enticing to others. What is it about the page that appeals to you? What made you want to take action? This is very valuable information that you can use to improve your own pages.

8. Make Your Offer Stand Out

If you have your own niche website, then you already differentiated yourself from the pack. If you are an affiliate marketer, then you need to find products/services that everyone else isn’t already promoting, especially within your particular Traffic Exchange. Your individual promotion is everything. If you’re trying to promote something everyone else is your sales conversions are going to be very low or nothing at all.

9. Publish Unique and Helpful posts on your blog regularly.

10. Make Use of the resources we have for you here



  1. monurohila Avatar

    Its really helpful article for targeting audience to our blog…..thanks

  2. Olili Bob Avatar
    Olili Bob

    nice tips boss, knowing your audience and adjusting ur site time of loading is sure good way to improve traffic

    1. Adesoji Adegbulu Avatar

      yes, you lose 70% of your traffic if your site takes longer time to load

  3. Ogili Kingsley Avatar
    Ogili Kingsley

    Hi Adesoji,
    All the tips you listed above are very correct. And am so happy you explained each points in full details.
    Traffic is what every blogger or webmaster is dying for. Not ordinary traffic that will only come and bounce back, but the traffic that are targeted in such a way that they love and are interested in your post and are willing to buy your product and probably help you advertise your product.

    Well, let me conclude it with this. Your success in blogging is directly proportional to the targetted traffic, provided the tips above are effectively implemented. Lol

    This comment contains 101 words

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    Ish Sarwar


    Thanks for sharing.

    I read a lot of useful tips to get more traffic from a blog.

    I’ve been reading some of your other posts as well as they are very valuable.

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      Hi Ish,

      Glad to know you find the other posts very valuable 😉

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    ugwuanyi gabriel

    indeed I want to know more about this business.

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      Hi Gabriel, which business do you want to know more about?

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