Adesoji Adegbulu

How to Start Email Newsletter to Boost Your Blog Productivity

This is another business blog productivity tip that I know many bloggers are convinced of. But for one reason or another, it’s seen as something they’ll do “one day” — maybe when they have more traffic, maybe when they have more time. The reality is that by starting an email list early on (and using it smartly), you’ll accelerate both the driving of traffic to your blog and the monetization of it..

So, how do you start an email newsletter? It’s easy. You need to get an email newsletter provider. There is so many email newsletter provider. You should get yours today. I know you might say the price is too much for you as a starter BUT if you consider the benefit it will give you, you would wish you had started an email newsletter several months ago.

Email marketing can be profitable for any business, no matter what kind of product or service you offer. But the foundation of email marketing success is the quality and size of your permission-based email list. If you build a list of subscribers that trust you and consider you an expert in your field, your response rates will constantly climb.

Developing and maintaining a responsive opt-in email list is challenging, even for the most experienced marketers. Whether you’re at the beginning of your list-building journey or already have thousands of contacts, list management is hard work. Addresses change, subscribers become inactive, and some unsubscribe, chipping away about 20-30% of your list every year!

However, consider the alternative. Studies show that low-quality lists waste tens of millions of dollars annually, and no business can afford that. Quite simply, small investments in list management can reap huge returns in marketing efficiency and campaign returns on investment.

Here are 21 Ways to Build Your Email Newsletter/List

1. Add a sign-up form everywhere prospects go
2. Boost sign-up activity
3. Address visitors’ privacy concerns
4. Add incentives to sign up
5. Create a great squeeze page
6. Include testimonials in your squeeze page
7. Use social media and Subscribe-Via-Facebook options
8. Include a “Sign Up” button inside your e-newsletter
9. Create a web-based newsletter repository
10. Include “forward to a friend” and “share” links in newsletters and promos
11. Add sign-up forms to blog updates
12. Add opt-in checkboxes to other forms and business messages
13. Let others reprint your newsletter
14. Use a co-registration service to build your list
15. Use Google Adwords campaigns
16. Use your physical mailing list
17. Contact other newsletter publishers and vendors
18. Advertise in e-zines and other newsletters
19. Promote your newsletter in Article Directories
20. Be active on similar websites
21. Promote your newsletter at every marketing touchpoint!

You should go now and start email newsletter today.