Adesoji Adegbulu

The Need to Solve Social Problems

The bad news is, no country is without a social problem. However, the good news is, we can solve these social problems as much as we know there is a dire need to solve them. There are so many social problems. The more we have them, the more we need to solve them.

The news is filled with stories and reports about undesirable social conditions. Examples include unemployment, tragedies, terrorism, bad roads, unreliable energy supply crime, violence, drug abuse, sexism, pollution, discrimination, climate change, not so good education, environmental problems and so many others. These social problems are found at the local, state, national and international levels – not peculiar to a continent or a country.

Everyone is faced with a social problem on a daily basis. The good thing is, even though we may not be able to eradicate all the social problems, we can develop the needed solutions locally, statewide, nationally and internationally.

Just as the news is filled with social problems, we also read about few social enterprise whose aim is to solve certain problems. We need more of these social enterprises, not just on a private or public level but also on a public-private partnership. And much of a government project too.

For example, the young people in or just coming out of college/university today have a strong desire to do social good in this world, but the truth is, it has been hard for them to get jobs from employers.

Frustrated by the inability of government and the private sector to address social problems, like poverty and inequality, injustice, hunger, sanitation, decent work, they’re starting their businesses.

These people are called, “social entrepreneurs” whose primary mission is to do social good thereby bringing solutions to existing social problems. The need to solve the social problem gave birth to social entrepreneurs who are much more concerned about solving problems than making profits.

We live in an age where philanthropy and public funds are in short supply. However, the need to solve social problems is great. Combining social goals with economic entrepreneurship sounds like a pretty good idea and should be encouraged in all sphere of the economy.

I, Adesoji Adegbulu is on the quest to solve social problems related to poverty, water, sanitation and the environment.