Sewer Drones set to take over one of the Smelliest Jobs

The job of ​sewer workers ​in Barcelona ​could be about ​to become much ​easier with the ​aid of a fleet ​of unmanned ​aerial vehicles (sewer drones) ​tasked with ​inspecting the ​city’s vast ​network of ​underground ​tunnels. ​Sewer drones could ​take over the ​tricky ​inspection work ​within two ​years, if a ​scheme in ​Barcelona, Spain gets ​the go-ahead.​ The plan is ​to launch a ​fleet of flying ​”sewer drones” ​which would ​inspect the ​state of the ​city’s ​sewers, as well ​as measuring ​air and water ​quality and ​keeping track ​of the state of ​the walls and ​blockages. ​

The drones ​would, at least ​in part, ​replace sewer ​workers, who do ​an unpleasant ​and, often, ​dangerous job ​patrolling the ​city’s ​dirty ​underbelly. As well as ​limiting the ​risks to people ​working in the ​sewers, the ​drones would ​provide more ​precise ​inspections and ​even reduce the ​cost of ​cleaning, ​according to ​the project’​s founders.​ ​

“This is the ​first time we ​have researched ​the profitability ​of using drones ​in this kind of ​activity,” ​Daniel Serrano, ​of Eurecat, one ​of the ​companies ​taking part in ​the project, ​told Spain’​s El Paí​s newspaper. ​

Other groups ​making up the ​team include ​German robotics ​company Ibak ​and drone ​operator ​Simtech Design, ​as well as the ​FCC, which ​currently looks ​after ​Barcelona’​s 1,500km long ​network of ​sewers. ​

Drones would ​be controlled ​from a van on ​the surface and ​people would ​only have to ​descend into ​the sewers to ​change the ​flying ​machines’ ​batteries. ​

The first ​trials of the ​project took ​place on ​December 1st, ​which will be ​followed by ​more rigorous ​testing in the ​coming months. ​

Source: The Local es


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