How to Become a Person of Value

You see, it's very good to be successful but better to become a person of value. Success doesn't come on its own. Success majorly relies on values. The more value you give, the more successful you become. So, rather than working on increasing your success rate, you should work on your value rate.

person of value

Everything you plan achieving this month is solely dependent on the value you give out. Your outflow determines your inflow. The value you give out determines how people value you. Don't be angry when people don't value you. Most people would relate with you based on the value you carry. Your job or your business requires value from you.

Having years of experience at doing something doesn’t mean that’s what the people needs or wants. What people need is the value your experience bring to them. Your life experiences can either valuable or useless.

So, how do you become a person of value?

1. Focus on your own growth.

You have to be committed to on your own personal development. Ask yourself truthfully if you are really committed to your own personal growth. If you are, keep at at and develop yourself every day. If you are not, you should start committing yourself to your own growth. Read, learn, get trained, take risks... do things that helps you grow in wisdom, knowledge, understanding, relationship with people, the result you command etc

2. Offer More Value

There is no way people will know you as a person of value if you are not offering more value. You can't say you are a medical doctor but you have never assisted anyone medically. Start offering the little value you have. By that, you grow more and in value. The more value you offer, the more you become a person of value. Offer more value daily.

3. Sharpen Your Skills

Do you have skills? If you say you don't then you need to check yourself. There is no human being without a skill. You need to discover your skill. After which you need to sharpen that skill. The only way to sharpen that skill is to put it into practice, Put in into practice by using it as a point of value to other people. Skills are valuable.

4. Work Harder on Yourself

Always strive to be better than you were yesterday. You need to go to work on yourself. If you change, everything will change for you. You may change companies, you might change tactics, strategies or mentors but YOU are always the constant, and you will still be there. Strive to become a better person, and instead of comparing yourself with others, differentiate. The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.

5. Value your Time

There is nothing more valuable than time invested wisely and intentionally. You can sow your time and get anything you want. You can sow your time and increase your circle of influence, make more money, or increase your health. Never waste this precious gift. Learn to see the value of time, because with time, anything can be accomplished.


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