How to Be Good to the Last Drop

When the Canadian sprinter – Donovan Bailey ran the 100 meters in 9.84 seconds, he was hailed as the world’s fastest man. After his big win, experts who critiqued videos of his race made an interesting discovery. Donovan Bailey never once lost momentum. In fact, he was still accelerating as he crossed the finish line. Over to you, look at the way you are running the race of life. Will you be good to the last drop?

In this post, I would be showing you few ways by which you can be good to the last drop. The beauty of what you are about to read is in its action. I hope you will go ahead and act what you are about reading.

1. It’s all part of the Plan

Everything in life is according to plan. Things don’t just get to happen. It’s all part of the plan. The mother eagle teaches her little ones to fly by making their nest so uncomfortable that they are forced out of it. Next, they are pushed off a cliff.

What you are going through today is all part of the plan. You need to be like someone who makes every negative situation positive for him. What you are calling wasted experience can become confidence builders and priceless source of insights. This is if only you make up your mind to learn from them. If you don’t they will keep happening till you do. Learn from all that happens to you daily and make the best out of them.

2. The Martyr Attitude

The Martyr attitude is simply doing things out of a sense of duty and responsibility. Do things out of joy. Martyrs suffer for a cause they really believe in. They are willing to die for things they believe in to happen. What do you believe in? Approach such things with a martyr attitude. This is what I most time call ownership. Demonstrate ownership of whatever you believe in.

3. Overcome Procrastination

To be good to the last drop, you need to take responsibility for your life. Great souls have wills, feeble souls have wishes. If you have found a cause to live for, do what you need to do daily. If you have found a destiny to make a reality, do what you need to do immediately.

Examine your excuses. Excuses are like exit signals on the road of progress. What are your excuses? If you examine them well enough, you will found out that they are not helpful. Once you discover them, eliminate them.

To help you further, you need to focus more on the benefit of completing the tasks. Let that be the drive. In situations where you find the task hard to do and you are taking more time to accomplish it, ask for help.

I believe these three points will help you on your journey to the end of the race. You can be good to the last drop. The world is waiting for the problem solver in you.


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