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Empty Water: The New Type of Water

“We have created a new type of water, which we call ’empty water’”, Starck says. “You have the feeling of having a lot of water, but you have a lot less. That is a new standard that uses less than half [as much water as] before.” In this short video filmed in New York, French designer Philippe Starck explains how his Organic tap for bathroom design company Axor dramatically reduces water consumption by combining it with air.

Unlike most taps, the water temperature can also be preset at the top so you don’t need to adjust it once the water is running. “It’s a big revolution because it fits with what we need for today and tomorrow.” Starck says that he got inspiration for the form of the tap from a childhood memory of a farmyard water pump. “We have to find the bone, the essence, the centre, the spirit,” he says. “I dug into my memory of childhood, and the first time I saw water was in a farm.”

Watch the video below…



“We have created a new type of water” – Philippe Starck.