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How to Track Subscribers Email Address on Blogger Blog

Q: I newly started a free Google blog (blogger) but I don’t know how to track people’s (subscribers) email address on it. Especially, how to set up a popup page that allows people to sign up for newsletters.

I got this question from one of my subscribers. I have replied her via email but I decided to elaborate on my response via this article. So, I’m going to help you discover how you can track subscribers email address on blogger so you can send them newsletters as you wish. This would help you get across to your readers better. Before I get to “how”, you need to know that this possible. There are so many bloggers using Google’s free blog (blogger) and they also send newsletters to their subscriber/readers.

To track people’s email address, you will need to give them good reasons to give you their email address and then a good means to collect the email address. You can give them reasons via the articles/post you publish on your blog. You can also give them the means to collect their email address by using a subscription form. On your Google/blogger blog, you can use the free Feedburner but it won’t be easier to track subscribers email address except to send them your blog post updates. However, you can start with the free Feedburner.

To really track subscribers email address with a subscription form and later send the people your newsletters as you wish, you need to get a good newsletter service. There are many options you can use for this. There are many like Aweber, GetResponse etc. That’s what I use too. You can use this for free to test your emails and people’s response and later upgrade as your list grows.

With an email marketing software, you will be able to easily create subscription forms for your blog, send email newsletters, give room for your readers to share your newsletters with others and most importantly, you will be able to track email address on a blogger blog. This service is for people who want email marketing to be simple.

After signing up with an email marketing software provider, and you login into your account, you will easily see where to create subscription form, compose emails and also track your subscribers’ email addresses. If have any difficulty setting this up, you can chat instantly with the provider or you can ask me for help. Remember I’m just an email away. You can either drop a comment about your difficulty here or send a mail using the contact us page and you’ll get a response. But you need training on this, you can also contact me and we’ll arrange that.

Also, it’s important you know that you should never remain on the free Google blog (blogger) forever. You can either get a custom domain name for your blogger blog or you could easily migrate from your blogger blog. This would in so many ways help your blogging business.



  1. daayur Avatar

    I never knew blogger blog can also enjoy the advantages of email marketing like wordpress. I need to just implement this right away and surely be back just incase i have a few questions.

    1. Adesoji Adegbulu Avatar

      Good one Daayur.

      Let me know if you have more questions about this.

  2. daayur Avatar

    I’m back to read this because of my new 5-day old blog. I want to start this first day. thanks

    1. Adesoji Avatar

      That’s cool Dayo.

      You should start right away and woek on increasing your subscriber base.