Don’t Give Up On Your Faith

We live in a world where everything you are spiritually, emotionally, financially, mentally or physically attached to tends to push you into situations where you always feel like giving up. The truth is, that is how life is designed. Life is designed to bring out your worth. Will you give up or stay strong? Naturally, we tend to give up BUT we can hold on to faith. I desire that you don’t give up on your faith.

I want you to know that “giving up” is not a bad thing. You actually need to give up on something before you can receive another thing. I have a custom of giving up on something smaller to achieve something bigger. There is nothing wrong in giving up on your desire in order to achieve greater desires. No matter what you want to achieve spiritually, emotionally, financially, mentally or physically, you have to give up something to achieve something bigger.

In this context, FAITH is the biggest. You can give up others but don’t give up on your faith. The more situations push you to give up on your faith, the more your faith needs to be stronger. I know, it’s easier said than done. I also know that practice makes perfect. If you cultivate the habit of making your faith stronger and keep your eyes on the goal, you’ll tend to stay strong on your faith.

I define FAITH as For All I Trust Him. “For All” refers to everything you desire spiritually, emotionally, financially, mentally or physically. “I” refers to you personally. “Trust” means that you rely on another person or entity. “Him” refers to the person or entity you see as the NO 1 in your life.

I see God, the creator of the heavens and earth and the Father of my Lord, Jesus the Christ as the NO 1 in my life. I trust Him for all. I won’t give up on my faith, no matter what I face daily. This is the way! This is your solace. I implore you not to give up on your faith. Trust Him for all and you’ll become stronger while achieving your desires even in the midst of challenging situations.

Don’t surrender! You came to WIN in this thing called LIFE. Don’t give up on your faith. Living on the best side of life comes to those who stay strong in FAITH. That’s the way it is…


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