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3 Types of Contents that Sells even When Your are Not Selling

contents that sells

Do you want to sell more via your blogs and your online platforms? One of the best ways to do that is to post contents that sells. No, I don’t mean you should spam your readers and your friends with something that always show you only care about yourself. If you want a lasting return, then the contents that sells should be contents that are valuable to anyone who uses it.

I’m going to show you the types of contents that sells. These content types are being used by those who know their worth. They are tried and they work. To make them work for you, first you need to know them and then you need to spend time mastering them. You should know that there are lots of people reading this. The best way to make a headway is to use these types of contents in the best way that matches your content marketing strategy.


Contents that Sells even When Your are Not Selling

There are many types of content that people are looking for, they include:

1. Reviews

Your readers are always buying something. In the process of buying what they need, they are faced with a dilemma of what to choose. They want to be sure of their choice. To achieve this, they will look for reviews to guide them one way or the other. If you can find quality products in your niche and give genuinely good reviews, then you will help your readers make a good choice. When they do, don’t forget to add your referral links. Also, don’t forget to disclose your relationship with the products you reviewed. With this, you increase your conversions at the same time and the post keeps selling for you even when you are not selling.

When I say write reviews, I don’t mean you should duplicate what’s already on the product’s sales page. That will make you inauthentic. It’s better you look into what questions people are asking about the product, and then answer them if you can. Give your own perspective to it. Don’t lie, don’t exaggerate but find any positive angle you can, and don’t be afraid to mention the cons as wells as the pros. It helps the reviews seem more balanced.

2. Product Comparisons

In addition to reviews, post contents that compare products that are similar. Look out for their differences and provide your readers with the opportunity to choose. Thoroughly explore each product’s strengths and weaknesses. Explain whether one provides anything with the other is missing. Make your product comparisons as honest as possible. This is because people appreciate the honest information. As long as it will help them figure out the best option for them personally. If you do this right, you get referral commission either way.

3. Lists

I’m sure you were more interested in reading this content not only because of the keyword “Sell” but also because of the “3 Types” used in the title. This is an example of contents with lists. Lists are an effective way to get the attention of someone looking for a solution. This is because, with lists, you can give your readers a whole selection to choose from. Rather than writing a post on “How to Make Money”, you could write “5 Best Ways to Make Money”. One draws more attention than the other and I’m sure you know which.

In addition to this, if you want to get more conversions, you should use a keyword that describes who the content is for. Do this by adding the keyword in the title of the content. When a customer sees a title that describes them, they are more eager to check it out and follow what contained in the content. Something like, “5 Best Ways Comedians Can Make Money Online”


These types of contents will help you sell more while you are providing valuable information to your readers. To make these types of content sell for you even without selling, you need to think on the long-term when coming up with any of these content types. Think about how people will see the information in the content like 6 months after it was first published. Make the contents evergreen and do your best to optimise the content for search engines and human beings.