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  • paris climate agreement

    What You Need to Know about the Paris Agreement

    When a record-breaking 175 nations signed the Paris Agreement at the UN ceremony on April 22, Earth Day 2016 officially became one for the history books. But with a whole bunch of technical and official-sounding terms flying around, it’s not always immediately clear exactly what’s next with the Paris Agreement and why it’s the biggest […]

  • Crush corruption

    Together, We Can Crush Corruption

    World leaders will meet in London, U.K in just two weeks (May 12, 2016) for a crucial ANTI-CORRUPTION Summit. They must take action to crush corruption by stopping the dodgy dealings that keep people poor everywhere.

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    Entrepreneurship is an Attitude

    “What is entrepreneurship? Is it a destination or a journey? To me, entrepreneurship is an attitude” – York Zucchi, healthcare entrepreneur and venture capitalist   A young female tailor and aspiring entrepreneur – Tania Habimana, travels across Africa making suits for established business people – she uses this opportunity as a way to interview, gain […]

  • International space station

    Water Management in the International ​Space Station

    In the International ​Space Station (ISS), ​water is in ​short supply, ​so National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has ​developed an ​innovative way ​to filter wastewater on the ISS using ​chemical and ​distillation ​processes. This ​lets it turn ​liquid from the ​air, sweat and ​even urine into ​drinkable water. ​

  • drinking-water-carbon-tax

    Financing Drinking Water ​Supply to close Infrastructure Gaps

    “It’s ​possible to ​finance the ​drinking water ​supply in the ​majority of ​countries ​worldwide by ​the year 2030,” ​says Dr. ​Michael Jacob, ​lead author of ​the study from ​the Mercator ​Research ​Institute on ​Global Commons ​and Climate ​Change (MCC) in ​Berlin. In ​India alone, a ​carbon tax ​would generate ​around 115 ​billion US ​dollars a […]

  • Environmental performance index

    Nigeria Ranks 133rd on the 2016 Environmental Performance Index

    Nigeria ranks 133rd out of the 180 countries surveyed for the 2016 environmental performance index. The Environmental Performance Index (EPI) provides a global view of environmental performance and country by country metrics to inform decision-making. The EPI was launched at the World Economic Forum, is in its 15th year and more relevant than ever to […]

  • displaced children

    Education for Displaced Children everywhere

    There is an urgent need to fund emergency education for displaced children everywhere. In February 2016, world leaders convened in London, UK to make funding pledges to support the 13.5 million Syrians affected by conflict and have raised in excess of $10 billion. This is an excellent first step in addressing the impact of humanitarian […]

  • Power of Water and Jobs

    The Power of Water and Jobs

    Do you know the power of water and jobs? Actually, this power can be seen everywhere as water is essential to life. Also, nearly all jobs require water either directly or indirectly. To make the most of this and get people to be aware of the importance, the World Water Day 2016 would be on […]

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    hard work

    The Truth About Hard Work

    There’s no good replacement for hard work. No viable alternative. No efficient substitute. Hard work is in a league of its own. And trying to find something more effective is probably why your business strategy is failing. No great idea works if you don’t work. Hard.

  • Global goal 6

    If We Achieve the Global Goal 6 by 2030

    The global goal 6 is to “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”. Many of us don’t think twice about turning on a tap to get clean water, but for 750 million people worldwide that’s not an option. And incredibly, more people have access to a mobile phone than a toilet […]

  • don't give up on your faith

    Don’t Give Up On Your Faith

    We live in a world where everything you are spiritually, emotionally, financially, mentally or physically attached to tends to push you into situations where you always feel like giving up. The truth is, that is how life is designed. Life is designed to bring out your worth. Will you give up or stay strong? Naturally, […]

  • how to be an achiever

    How to Be an Achiever

    The essence of your existence is to achieve one thing or the other. This is simply to tell you that you are going to be accountable for all that happens in your life and what you make happen for others. If I were to weigh what you have achieved so far on a scale of […]

  • Conversationalist

    How to Become a First-Class Conversationalist

    Meeting and talking with others is an excellent way of honing your thinking skills and becoming a person that others seek out for advice and information. So here are some ideas when we want to improve our hit rate when conversing with someone.

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