I live every day purposefully & passionately towords achieving my 5 Life goals.

Kind-hearted | Free-spirited | Blessed-soul

I Add values, Develop things, Explore ideas, Solve problems, Open doors of opportunities, Join hands with worthy causes and Inspire excellence every day for the purpose of ending extreme poverty, providing clean and safe water for all and leaving a legacy!

About Adesoji Adegbulu

Hi, I’m Adesoji Adegbulu. I am passionate about Bioscience engineering (Agriculture, Water, Energy and the Environment), Entrepreneurship (Social & Internet), Learning/Education (Formal and Informal) to solve real-world problems and then using Technology as a tool to achieve the goals set for my passion.

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Agricultural Engineering 75%

Water Resources Engineering 80%

Social & Internet Entrepreneurship 70%

International Business Economics & Management 60%

Online Business Coaching/Counsultancy 79%

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The Money Blog

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Consulting & Training

Online Business

Web Design and Development

blogs, eCommerce, forums, bookmarking sites, directories and social networks

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Search Engine Markerting

Mobile Apps Development

Mobile apps for iOS devices


Agricultural and Water Resources

Analyst & Managment

Environment, Economics, Finance and Business

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By : Adesoji Adegbulu

August 03 2016

Sustainable Agriculture: Six Options for Agricultural Drones

Drone technology will give the agriculture industry a high-technology makeover, with planning and strategy based on real-time data gathering and

By : Adesoji Adegbulu

July 26 2016

Climate Action: Google and UN launch Open Foris online platform

The Open Foris online platform was recently unveiled by the United Nations. This is a new software developed in partnership


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